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Online PhD UK | Guidelines on Social Science Research

Read through the article to understand key Guidelines on how to do Social Science Research? 

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Today’s article of Online PhD UK will mainly focus on various aspects of Social Science Research. Upon entering a degree in PhD, it is expected of you to do a lot of research works throughout the duration of the course. In fact, research serves as the culmination of the any PhD program required by any university or institution. In this case, social science research need to be done based on the criteria set by the school where you are taking up your doctoral degree in social science. Take into account that research methods in this field of study can be categorized into qualitative or quantitative.

Online PhD UK -Guidelines and Tips for Social Science Research

Read through and consider the following guidelines on how you may have a nearly perfect or good enough research.

  1. Before anything else, the first thing you should do is to find the best topic that interests you most so it will be easy for you to lay ground your research. It would be effective if you streamline the topic by developing a question, hypothesis, and answer on this particular topic.

  2. Formulate the design for your research by answering the question you have created. Make an outline based on either quantitative or qualitative method. Strong foundation in calculus and algebra will be necessary should you prefer to use the quantitative approach. Meanwhile, qualitative type of research includes a written analysis of the topic you want to explain. This is also the area where you will state particular steps to respond the hypothesis.

  3. Write a literature review for your research topic. Provide an overview of the investigations by describing previous research that is associated to your hypothesis.

  4. Collect the significant data that you will be using for the completion of your research. Here, you may have an option to gather your own data or use those that are already collected by other researchers. It is, however, often suggested to use data that are already collected by others since gathering data can be time-consuming and daunting. The nature of your research will be determined through the type of data you will use. It is still best if you apply the quantitative approach should you opt to use surveys having fixed responses convertible to numbers.

  5. Once you have gathered all the information and data appropriate for your study, the next step you should take is to analyze them and draw your conclusions. Base your analysis and conclusion either to the statistical analysis or your own observations. Make generalization for your research by explaining similar outcomes of your findings in any other cases excluded from your study.

Take note of these guidelines so your research, no matter how difficult you may think they are when realized, would be easier than what you have expected. Qualitative or quantitative, what matters most is how you will be able to manage carry through your research as smooth and stress-free. But of course, you should also consider the guidelines provided by the school where you enrolled your PhD so you will be sure to get things right. Hopefully the steps provided above answers your worry of whether your social science research will be good and appropriate for the subject you are taking.

Online PhD UK

Online PhD UK

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