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Writing a PhD Research Proposal|Tips and Advice

Once you have finished your MA degree, you might be thinking of doing a doctorate degree to further your studies. The first hurdle to starting a doctorate is the PhD Research Proposal: what is it, how to write it, and how to make yours successful.

PhD Research Proposal – Overview

PhD Research Proposal

PhD Research Proposal

A PhD research proposal is of great importance as it helps academics judge your suitability to undertake a research topic. As such, it is a document that outlines the research you are going to embark on for your thesis. Depending on the department/university guidelines, it is roughly 3,000 – 4,000 words and should:

1. Have an interesting and original research question.
2.Explain the how you will undertake the research
3.Highlight the rationale and how the area of study enhances, helps evolve or opposes the literature available on the topic, thus persuading prospective supervisors of the importance of the project.

Tips on Writing

There are several crucial elements that should be included in your proposal; however, always double-check and adhere to any specific departmental templates, guidelines, and format:

1-Title – This is not set in stone, but it is important to include key terms that will attract the attention of your prospective supervisors. Moreover, it should demonstrate your research approach or central questions.

2-Introduction and Literature Review – This describes the research objective, the importance and “need” to undertake said research, and how it contributes to the existing knowledge in that particular field. Here, you should put your proposal/research question in context. Show your proposal’s value through a succinct and relevant literature review, and explain how your research will address any gaps in the available literature.

3-Methodology and Research Design – Any and all information about the methodology – the how of your research – should be included here. More specifically, include the framework, rationale, an examination of the whole approach and techniques involved (whether it is theoretical or involves empirical research), particular objectives, and your time frame for completing the project.

4-Conclusion – For the conclusion, reiterate how the methodology will tackle the research topic and question and how the research will contribute to existing knowledge.

Making Your Proposal Stand Out and Avoiding Stumbling Blocks

Some success tips to keep in mind when planning and writing your PhD proposal:

1. Following the university/department guidelines for the proposal is crucial. Remember to tailor your proposal if you are applying to more than one university; it should not be a “one size proposal fits all.”

2. Keep in mind your research scope and the time frame you have in which to complete your doctorate studies.

3. Find a possible supervisor and touch base with them. Informally talk about your proposal for more ideas before you apply formally for a PhD.

4. Develop your proposals as your research moves forward. Comments from supervisors and input from experts in the field mean that your PhD research and findings will change, so the PhD proposal is just an outline and start for your study.

PhD Research Proposal

PhD Research Proposal

5. Finally, apart from above tips, remember to use some professional writing services to write or rewrite your proposal. In this regard, can help you to refine or rewrite your PhD Research Proposal with professional quality.