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PhD in Finance

An overview of the PhD in Finance program from two of the most prominent institutions in Europe.

A PhD curriculum, unlike that of an MBA or MA or MS courses, prepares a student in research – the comprehension and later the composition of related theories. It leads students to the path of contributing to the research world which will, hopefully, be useful and beneficial to future generations. One post graduate program that is usually pursued by professionals is a PhD in Finance. This course doesn’t necessarily require a Master’s in Business Administration diploma, which trains students in the practical side of business, rather will be a better fit for those who have completed an MS/MPhil in Finance or MS in Economics, both of which are focused on research and computation.

PhD in Finance – Course Structure

Online PhD in Finance graduationA common question raised about this PhD is its academic focus and nature. To give more accurate information about this programme, it is best to consult from one of the best academic institutes to give the true nature and overview of their Finance PhD syllabus. The PhD in Finance degree of Warwick Business School or WBS is intended to lead students towards careers in prestigious academic organizations or universities through refined research-oriented courses in finance. Students learning fulltime may finish this course in three years. During the first year, students are expected to be cultivated towards empirical and theoretical research works. For the second and third years in the course, it will prepare students to be adept in Planning and Managing Research, which is are closely related to the completion of the students’ dissertation papers.

Key Requirements –  PhD in Finance

The requirements of Warwick Business School for aspiring PhD students in Finance are high average academic GPA from top UK schools or overseas, an applicable master’s diploma, high IELTS or TOEFL scores for non-English speaking applicants, and the completion and qualification of the entrance exam. These strict prerequisites are to ensure acceptance of crème –of-the-crop students who usually contend to be one of the ten accepted students from over a hundred applicants.

Other Schools

PhD in Finance graduation Another prominent academic institution that offers a Finance PhD is EDHEC Business School. This European recipient of the triple crown of international accreditation deems that research is the answer to business innovations and the grounds for professional improvement. Almost the same as the Warwick Business School, EDHEC focuses its PhD education towards research with the belief that their students will become lovers of wisdom and hunters of innovative ideas. What is unique with this Business School is that it offers an Executive program for those professionals who don’t have the luxury of time to complete the PhD program full-time. The Executive Program separates major courses into four weeks using the school’s e-learning center.


There are plenty of advantages and benefits that come with the completion of a Doctorate in Finance. Not only do students open more opportunities for professional and financial growth, they also become aids towards the improvement and refinement of related theories on finance. Aspiring PhD holders may research further to see more specialized courses related to finance such as Financial Engineering, Behavioral Finance, Financial Economics to name a few. Before applying in one of these courses, make sure you have completed the credentials necessary in pursuing a PhD.

Please note the apart from traditional PhD in Finance, you can take the same Degree as PhD On line. As this website cater both subjects, please review further articles and discussions to understand online PhD in Finance.

Frequently Asked Questions about PhD Programs

PhD Programs – Find answers to common questions about doctorate Degrees.

PhD Programs – Significance

Professionals or employees who have finished a Master’s degree yet still want to have an upper hand in the employment or commercial world contemplate in pursuing training or post-graduate course. However, the question that always breaks the surface is: “What doctorate or PhD program best fits me?” This question is best answered when an overview of available post-graduate programs will be made available for interested aspirants. Frequently asked questions (faq) about doctorate degrees will hopefully be tackled in this article.

PhD Programs – Important Questions

Are there different PhD Programs?

Yes. There are a multitude of PhD programs available to learners. Depending on the focus of the program’s curriculum, a graduate will be assigned to a specific doctorate category. Some of these categories are Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A), Doctor of Education (D.Ed.), Juris Doctor (J.D.), Doctorate in Nursing (D.N.P), and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

PhD Programs graduation ceremony

PhD Programs graduation ceremony

Out of all doctorate categories mentioned above, the most famous program is the PhD degree. Doctor of Philosophy does not necessarily mean an expertise in the field of philosophy per se. The term philosophy is used due to its etymology which means love of wisdom. Therefore, should you wish to pursue a PhD degree, the focus of your study and your contribution to the scholarly world is research. Please also remember that apart from the traditional PhDs, there are distance or Online PhD in all of the above mentioned subjects.

Can I take a more specialized Doctorate Degree?

Yes. There are doctorate degrees that require a prior knowledge and experience in order to pursue the aspired specialized doctorate program. An example is the nursing profession. A nursing graduate who already passed the Nursing Board exams and earned a Master’s Degree will be qualified to take the Nursing Doctorate Degree. Currently, there are two available nursing post-graduate programs – a D.N.P. and a PhD. The difference between the two is that a D.N.P. is an advanced-level program that focuses clinical practice while a Nursing PhD is an advanced-level program that focuses in research and transfer of knowledge through a teaching position.

Another specialized doctorate program is the Education Doctorate program. Same with the Nursing program, the post-graduate degree in education is divided into two – D.Ed. or a PhD. Likewise, as well as the Nursing program, the Doctor in Education program focuses on the practice of teaching while the Education PhD program focuses in research and creation of new knowledge.

Is there a broader PhD Program which can appeal to a bigger field?

PhD Programs graduation

PhD Programs graduation

Yes. There are post graduate programs that are broader in scope yet still gears towards a specialization of a certain skill or craft. The Doctorate programs in Business and Marketing are examples of broader programs that can appeal to any sector. Again, same with the above mentioned programs, a post graduate degree in business or marketing are categorized into two: a Doctor of Business Administration or Doctor of Marketing and PhD in B.A. or PhD in Marketing. The differences between the two are also the same with the above mentioned differences.

I have already chosen a field of specialization in business, what school do you highly recommend?

For those who wish to pursue a doctorate degree in business or marketing, the Haas School of Business – University of California Berkeley can be one of your top choices. This university offers seven fields of academic programs that all specializes in business. Their PhD Programs break the thin line between research and application. All their programs focus on both to ensure readiness in both fields when a student becomes a full-pledged doctor in the chosen field.