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PhD in Education

The Doctor of Philosophy or PhD in Education grooms and allows a person to pursue a profession in an academic institution as an administrator, researcher, or educator.

This post graduate program is under the umbrella of the research doctorate category; thus, putting investigation and exploration of old and new knowledge as its core function. Commonly, students get confused with academic jargons such as the Doctor of Education (EdD) degree and the Doctor of Philosophy in Education (PhD) degree. Most educators would explain that both degrees are very similar in both nature of study, outputs, and timeframe. The only thin line that separates the two is its learning path to which it brings its students to. An EdD degree treks the path towards the understanding and developing concepts relating to the practice of education, while a PhD degree takes the path towards the understanding and developing of theoretical methodologies relating to education.

PhD in Education – Requirements 

PhD in Education graduationThe level of education one requires depends on the career path one wishes to take. If one hopes to get a teaching position in the primary or middle school level, the minimum level of competency is at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. If one wants to take a lecturing position in high school or collegiate level, the minimum level of competency is at least an Master’s in Education. However, if one wants to teach in the post graduate level, he/she must have reached the maximum level of education which is PhD or EdD. The same terminal level of education can make one more viable in the administrative position.

PhD in Education- Schools

There are a multitude of schools that offer either the EdD or the PhD in Education with several specializations to help students achieve certain professional positions they wish to take. If a student desires to move into the field of policy making for an academic institution, the PhD in Leadership in Educational Administration would be the best course to pursue. This specialized degree program prepares students to effectively interpret educational theories and put to practice. Another specialized PhD in Education is Educational Psychology. This course trains students to understand how people learn and what behaviors and stimuli creates the best possible learning results. Students who major in this course usually end up being clinician or psychologists in educational settings or become researchers on educational attitudes.

Online PhD GraduationThe success of students finishing an EdD or PhD in Education is usually interfered by the tedious, difficult task of passing and completing a dissertation paper. Since a lot of students taking post graduate studies are employed and are working fulltime, the lack of time to research prevents them from having the right to be called ‘doctors’ in their chosen fields. Due to this, an option has been made available for students to be given the gift of time without the apparent pressure of defending the dissertation. An MPhil in Education degree or status is given to students who have fulfilled all major courses their chosen specialty and are just researching for the completion and the approval of their dissertation.

Students are now given more options to help them refine their skills and knowledge on a particular field of interest. Hopefully, professionals working in academes will decide later on, given these many options, to pursue further learning and reach the pinnacle of instruction which is an EdD or PhD in Education.

As time is changing, apart from traditional PhD in Education, an online PhD in Education is also becoming important part of academic world. For busy professional and mothers with time constrains, these kinds of doctoral programs can be the best option to choose.

Significance of Doctoral Programs

Consider taking a Doctoral Programs to increase your value as a professional.

The best way to increase someone’s value monetarily and professionally is by pursuing higher education. For those who are still unsure what to course to pursue, probably the best choice is a course related to commerce or education. A course in commerce or PhD in education is most flexible and relatable to any field of profession. There are a handful of excellent academic institutions in the United States of America that offer world class doctorate programs.

Doctoral Programs at Harvard Business School 

Doctoral Programs Harvard Business SchoolOne of the most esteemed institutions is Harvard Business School (HBS). This prestigious institution presents doctoral courses such as Accounting & Management, Economics, Management, Marketing, and so on. Another prominent academic institution that presents world class doctoral programs is the Wharton University of Pennsylvania. This school presents almost the same courses as HBS with just the addition of the doctoral degree in Statistics. Lastly, the C.T. Bauer College of Business in Houston, Texas also gives different top-of-the-line doctoral degrees related to commerce. Recently, they have explored to making hybrid courses wherein students go to the campus half of the time, while the other half is done online.

Admission Requirements for doctoral programs

In order to be considered for the doctorate program in any of the above mentioned institutions, an applicant should have a bachelor’s degree, a complete transcript of records, passed and excelled in the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or General Test of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Non-PhD programs may accept students straight from the completion of their bachelor’s degree. Foreign students are also open to apply provided they comply with additional requirements such as the completion of TOEFL.

Options for Online Doctoral Programs

Doctoral Programs Jones International University For those students who cannot afford to relocate and leave their families or jobs behind may take the alternate route. Nowadays, schools have become more accessible to students due to the development of online education programs. What started as online bachelor’s degrees further developed until the doctoral degrees. There are now hundreds of online programs given by accredited online doctorate schools. Out of all the courses offered, trade and commerce, business and education is usually the top choice amongst students. Some of the accredited institutions that have business courses are the Capella University, University of Phoenix, Northcentral University Online, and Jones International University to name a few.

Applications to any of the mentioned online or on-campus academic institutions may be done through the schools’ respective websites. Again, remember to check the prerequisites and make sure you have accomplished them to not waste more time.

Schools now are thinking of ways to make learning more available to anyone living anywhere in the world. So whether you wish to pursue graduate studies on campus or online, you may easily view doctoral programs with just a click of a finger. Applications to scholarships are also available online so there is no stopping anyone who is highly competent and eligible to take a post graduate course. It just takes a decisive effort in order to pull this further learning through. And afterwards, you are guaranteed to have brighter and better professional or occupational prospects waiting in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions about PhD Programs

PhD Programs – Find answers to common questions about doctorate Degrees.

PhD Programs – Significance

Professionals or employees who have finished a Master’s degree yet still want to have an upper hand in the employment or commercial world contemplate in pursuing training or post-graduate course. However, the question that always breaks the surface is: “What doctorate or PhD program best fits me?” This question is best answered when an overview of available post-graduate programs will be made available for interested aspirants. Frequently asked questions (faq) about doctorate degrees will hopefully be tackled in this article.

PhD Programs – Important Questions

Are there different PhD Programs?

Yes. There are a multitude of PhD programs available to learners. Depending on the focus of the program’s curriculum, a graduate will be assigned to a specific doctorate category. Some of these categories are Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A), Doctor of Education (D.Ed.), Juris Doctor (J.D.), Doctorate in Nursing (D.N.P), and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

PhD Programs graduation ceremony

PhD Programs graduation ceremony

Out of all doctorate categories mentioned above, the most famous program is the PhD degree. Doctor of Philosophy does not necessarily mean an expertise in the field of philosophy per se. The term philosophy is used due to its etymology which means love of wisdom. Therefore, should you wish to pursue a PhD degree, the focus of your study and your contribution to the scholarly world is research. Please also remember that apart from the traditional PhDs, there are distance or Online PhD in all of the above mentioned subjects.

Can I take a more specialized Doctorate Degree?

Yes. There are doctorate degrees that require a prior knowledge and experience in order to pursue the aspired specialized doctorate program. An example is the nursing profession. A nursing graduate who already passed the Nursing Board exams and earned a Master’s Degree will be qualified to take the Nursing Doctorate Degree. Currently, there are two available nursing post-graduate programs – a D.N.P. and a PhD. The difference between the two is that a D.N.P. is an advanced-level program that focuses clinical practice while a Nursing PhD is an advanced-level program that focuses in research and transfer of knowledge through a teaching position.

Another specialized doctorate program is the Education Doctorate program. Same with the Nursing program, the post-graduate degree in education is divided into two – D.Ed. or a PhD. Likewise, as well as the Nursing program, the Doctor in Education program focuses on the practice of teaching while the Education PhD program focuses in research and creation of new knowledge.

Is there a broader PhD Program which can appeal to a bigger field?

PhD Programs graduation

PhD Programs graduation

Yes. There are post graduate programs that are broader in scope yet still gears towards a specialization of a certain skill or craft. The Doctorate programs in Business and Marketing are examples of broader programs that can appeal to any sector. Again, same with the above mentioned programs, a post graduate degree in business or marketing are categorized into two: a Doctor of Business Administration or Doctor of Marketing and PhD in B.A. or PhD in Marketing. The differences between the two are also the same with the above mentioned differences.

I have already chosen a field of specialization in business, what school do you highly recommend?

For those who wish to pursue a doctorate degree in business or marketing, the Haas School of Business – University of California Berkeley can be one of your top choices. This university offers seven fields of academic programs that all specializes in business. Their PhD Programs break the thin line between research and application. All their programs focus on both to ensure readiness in both fields when a student becomes a full-pledged doctor in the chosen field.

Doctorate Degrees for Bright Job Prospects

Need a push towards the direction you are trekking? You might just need to invest in education.

Doctorate Degrees – Terms and Definitions

Studies, done in 2011, show that about 3% of Americans aged 25 years old and above have earned a doctorate degree. Likewise, the same studies show that there is a direct proportional relationship to the educational attainment of every American with his or her salary. Due to this, there is a rise in interest as regards to pursuing higher schooling.

Before we delve into the different Doctorate Degrees, it is good to familiarize ourselves with the definition of the term ‘doctorate degree’. A doctorate or doctoral degree is the highest possible level of education one can attain. The more popularly coined abbreviation in relation to the said highest educational level is PhD (Doctor of Philosophy); although, digging deeper into the context of post-master’s instruction will show that there are more subcategories in it than just the PhD.

Doctorate Degrees – Types and Subjects

Doctorate Degrees Robe

Doctorate Degrees Robe

The most common PhD programs  in the USA, according to a government survey, are biology or medicine, social science, psychology, education research, and electrical engineering. Out of the courses mentioned, education research has consistently been a famous choice among aspiring PhD students. And in this day and age when there is a boom in technology and information, an institution has been established to ensure quality of post-graduate studies on education. The Carnegie Project on Education Doctorate or CPED, which began in the late 2006, is an association of different educational institutions that vow to research and work together in order to create the best possible curriculum for the education doctoral program. This bold undertaking commenced on 2007 and is currently undergoing the second phase in its studies. Some of its members are University of Florida, University of Kansas, and Pennsylvania State University to name a few. With institutions such as this, students are more assured the colleges and universities are pulling resources together to warrant quality education.

Another course that is gaining popularity is a doctorate course in business. It has a more broad scope and more practical side that more and more students are taking interest in it. When it comes to pursuing a commerce degree, Wharton University of Pennsylvania should be on the top of the list of schools to explore. It offers commerce courses majoring in Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Management, and many more.

Doctorate Degrees and Employment Prospects

Doctorate Degrees Ceremony

Doctorate Degrees Ceremony

There is no stopping anyone from pursuing a higher level of learning. It may take a lot of time and money but this investment will surely reap more rewards later on. To prove this, a doctorate employment survey was conducted in 2007. The respondents of this survey consist of all doctorate Degrees holders. The results of the survey showed more than half of the respondents work full-time, less than 10% work part time, 20% still pursued post-graduate research, and only 3% remained unemployed. With this the professional potential of someone who has attained the highest level of education is very opulent. So if you wish for your career to move forward, take a leap and pursue one of the  Doctorate Degrees but make sure it is a program that interests you and that it feeds your passion.

Psychologist Doctorate

The nature of Psychology and the educational rigor behind it.

Psychology is a branch of science that deals with the understanding of the human intellectual and behavioral processes. This understanding is achieved with necessary and appropriate research and application. To understand the meaning of Psychologist Doctorate, you must understand that a person who studies human behavioral and thinking processes is called a psychologist. Psychologists try to learn anything and everything that affects human conduct. From the exploration of perceptions and opinions to culture and the norm, psychologists tirelessly figure out the relationship or the ripple effect of one behavioral factor to another. For this reason, there are stringent criteria that practitioners have to meet in order for them to be considered as full-pledged psychologists. A practitioner must obtain a PhD in Psychology in order to function as a researcher, counselor, teacher, or a clinician.

Psychologist Doctorate – Practice Requirements

Psychologist Doctorate Graduates

Psychologist Doctorate Graduates

Not only should one obtain such educational attainment, but also be able to pass requirements in order to be licensed practitioners. In the United States of America, requirements in attaining licensure in psychology vary from state to state. Having a license does give a practitioner full authority and liberty to practice the profession in other states. For example in Pennsylvania, an aspirant must pass the Pennsylvania Psychologist Law Exam, which has several prerequisites like criminal record history clearance, doctoral approval status, and so on.

Famous Doctors holding Psychologist Doctorate

Psychologist Doctorate Graduate

Psychologist Doctorate Graduate

In the western culture, there are a lot of Psychology doctorates as the demand for such is higher in the region. Some of the renowned psychologists practice in the USA. One of the most famous is Dr. David Atkins, PhD. This psychologist doctorate holder is based in Washington State. He is a Research Associate Professor at the University of Washington. He is the co-founder of the Clinical Research Method and Statistics Interest Group and was given an editorial award for his participation in the Journal of Family Psychology publication. Another famous psychologist is Dr. Valerie Golden, PhD. She is currently based in Minnesota where she is doing private practice. Prior to her private practice, she was a member of the Clinical Psychology faculty in Columbia University – New York. With her level of expertise, she is able to practice psychology using eclectic and psychoanalytical methods to treat persons who are undergoing stress, addiction, or depression.

Psychologist Doctorate – Degrees

A lot of universities in the USA offer post graduate programs in or related to psychology. To cater to the increasing interested applicants, some of these universities offer online post graduate studies in psychology. One of these universities is Northcentral University. Located in Prescott Valley, Arizona, Northcentral University presents doctorate programs in psychology with specialization in gender issues, health psychology, industrial psychology, etc. Another university that offers online PhD programs is Walden University. Walden University in Minneapolis has grown prominence in giving online courses and has received accreditation from the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

In Asia, interests in psychology have also started developing. In Japan, the Doctoral Psychology program at the University of Tsukuba has been abolished to give way to a new and better graduate program which combines different fields like Human Resource, Psychology, and Behavioral Sciences into one comprehensive graduate program.

The continuing development in the field of psychology proves the rise in attention and need of individuals to fully understand the dynamics of human interaction. With the spread of such development to the academe, there is great hope of more and more Psychologist Doctorate holders that can eventually unfold the phenomenon – human being.

Doctor of Philosophy or PhD Degree Programs: Better Chances in Life

PhD Degree Programs are available in various subject areas like IT, Business, Arts and Health Sciences

PhD Degree Programs – Importance

Online PhD Degree Programs Graduation Day

Online PhD Degree Programs Graduation Day

As the modern society continues to grow, education is continuously developed through new technological innovations to better equip the future leaders and operators of the community. One way to achieve this vision is for you to have the highest possible education that can be achieved, through PhD Degree programs. The added value of these educational programs brings a cultural dimension to your study period that enables you to keep in touch with academics as well as researchers in highly developed research networks. Developing these links serves as an inherent study benefit and be one of the ways to have access for future employment and career opportunities.

PhD Degree Programs – Overview

PhD programs are considered as the highest form or level of education that you may attain. The programs are offered by accredited universities and colleges either on-site campus or through the internet. They are available in various disciplines such as science, engineering, public administration, business, arts, humanities, education, and health. Almost all of these programs can be fully completed between three and five years depending on the educational system set by the country where you are studying. Usually, they are completed through the submission of an independent research. They are considered as the culmination of an original approach to practical or theoretical problem in subjects related to science.

PhD Degree Programs Graduation

PhD Degree Programs Graduation

Remember that studies leading to PhD degree programs or doctoral degrees are offered to give qualified students comprehensive and thorough knowledge of their specific professional field and training in research methodologies. Your comprehension of the subject matter and a demonstrated ability to conduct independent research are the criteria for granting PhD degree. This means that you should be able to express your thoughts clearly, verbally as well as in written form.

You may use print sources and online search engines such as the educationphdprograms website to find more detailed information on PhDs and the format for their admission anywhere in the world.

PhD Degree Programs – Admission Requirements

To be a qualified student for any PhD degree programs, you need to comply with certain requirements set by the university offering your specific field of study. They may include the following bellow:

  • A master’s degree from a distinguished program or its equivalent relevant to your desired field of study.
  • Curriculum vitae showing an overview of your work experience, educational background, paper publication, and other professional activities.
  • Any sample of your professional writing or scholarly research, either in print or electronic.
  • Adequate references from professionals or academic community personnel.
  • There are also additional requirements for specific field of study or major.

PhD Programs in Australia

If you are planning to study PhD abroad, Australia prides itself to offer you a vast range of options to fit every requirement. Schools and universities in the nation develop programs in the areas of marketing, information technology, finance, health, management, and media.

The PhD Program in Business Administration at Duke University

This program of Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business prepares qualified students for teaching careers and research at educational institutions. It focuses on research methodology competence development, independent inquiry, and on research results communication. Please note that apart from traditional PhD Degree Programs, in these days Online PhD programs are also becoming popular. As this site is here to help you to get the best information on both (online PhD degrees and PhD degrees), please visit and review our website for further information.