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Significance of Online Doctorate

Time to break barriers and invest in a more practical and less expensive education

Given the phenomenon of the internet, the interconnectedness of people from all over the world became more apparent and achievable. What were hindrances like distance, transportation, and financial limitations are now the least of the worries of aspiring learners who want quality education for less. Online Doctorate programs paved the way for a more accessible education available to all students coming from different backgrounds. When online education started, only the modest but more innovative academic institutions took the plunge to invest in what was then a questionable method of teaching/learning. Now, that it has grown more patronage and success, even the most prestigious of academic institutions developed their own distance learning programs.

Online Doctorate Courses

Online Doctorate Graduates

Online Doctorate Graduates

Most of the offered online doctoral degrees are geared towards the research doctorate programs like a PhD in Education or a PhD in Psychology. A website that contains a list of universities that offer online education is It includes at least a dozen educational institutions that offer a wide range of courses and specializations. Most of these universities are based in the United States and UK while some have their campus in Europe. One of the listed universities is the Capella University, which specializes in business and finance courses. Another university in the list is Walden University, which specializes in higher education courses. University of Liverpool, on the other hand, offers distance learning for those who wish to specialize in Business Administration.

Online Doctorate Universities

Online Doctorate University of Berkeley

Online Doctorate University of Berkeley

For students who are certain of the university they wish to be a part of, they may proceed directly to the university’s website. A very prestigious university that offers Doctorate Degree courses is University of Berkley. This university doesn’t only offer PhD courses but also Doctor of Education, Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Theology, and Doctor of Pastoral Counseling degrees. Interested applicants may check University of Berkley’s website at

Ashwood University is an online university offers post graduate courses either with required thesis or without. Eligible students for the non-thesis programs must have prior and considerable amount of experience from the chosen field of specialization. Without prior knowledge and experience in the chosen field of specialization, the student must go through the thesis program.

Online Doctorate and Accreditation

A plethora of online schools sprout like mushrooms in the internet. Some of these schools have received accreditation from known, independent institutions or the government, while others just pose as credible institutions. Since education is an investment, and not a cheap one, make sure to read and research about the particular school you wish to enroll with. Examine first what the school’s strengths are, in terms of courses offered and the achievement and credentials of the faculty. Lastly, pursue the Online Doctorate course that truly interests you and appeal to you so that you can successfully finish your online doctoral program.

Why Choose Online Accredited PhD Programs?

The proliferation of forged diplomas in attained in just a week or two, receiving Online Accredited PhD Programs has become more significant than before. This follows that obtaining online PhD from accredited online universities or colleges is very crucial.

Online accredited PhD programs – Advantages

This learning environment offers you a lot of advantages. A few of these are mentioned below:

Online Accredited PhD Programs Academic Dress

Online Accredited PhD Programs Academic Dress

  • Online or Distance PhD programs can be a great source for your advanced degree that may help you land in a better-paid job and increase your salary grade if you are currently employed.
  • Online PhD programs let you save money and time as there are online colleges requiring little or no commuting at all. You can save your gas or fare since you will not be attending classes on campus sites.
  • If you are a parent already, taking online doctoral program can save your child care cost since you will not hire a nanny to care for your child anymore. This learning set-up will not require you to leave home.
  • Accredited online PhD can be taken any time, anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. This program allows you to study your lessons at your own pace and convenience. This is the best option for you if you want to learn independently or do research on your own.
  • Online accredited colleges provide easy access to other students, teachers, and the library in a virtual setting.
  • It has been noted that all the online PhD majors designed in certain area are fully accepted and accredited across the globe by reputable companies.


Online Accredited PhD Programs Graduation

Online Accredited PhD Programs Graduation

Online accredited PhD programs – a further Overlook

  • Taking up an Distance or Part Time PhD allows you to meet a lot of people with different nationalities, ethnicity, and languages other than English since students in this program come from any parts of the globe. In turn, this will be a great start for you to build networks for future career opportunities.
  • Obtaining one of these PhD programs from high-ranking university or college will ensure right treatment from your potential employers. In fact, non-accredited program can be worthless in the job market.
  • Accredited distance PhD colleges or universities make sure that you will get the necessary learning they ought to receive by downloading updated learning materials such as electronic books, video lectures, and live discussions through a video conference or forum.
  • If you are currently employed, earning a PhD online can help you level up your position to a higher level.
  • Accredited distance PhDs are regarded as smart online programs that does not require you any studies.
  • If you have difficulty enrolling in an online PhD program due to financial constraints, you don’t have to worry as there are many options available for you such as scholarship grants offered by the educational institutional, sponsorship from your employer, and federal loan programs.

Online accredited PhD programs for Career progress

  • Accomplishing Online Accredited PhD Programs with honors helps strengthen your career potentials and morale and gives you a chance to achieve the best in your chosen field.

The Significance of Online Accredited PhD

Generally, you would not want to be waste the money you have invested to study right? This is the reason why accreditation of any school or university by an independent accreditation body or the government is very crucial. This holds true in any PhD programs including online accredited PhD. Accredited online PhDs are offered in a vast range of study fields, the recommended ones are PhD in business, PhD in psychology, PhD in public administration, PhD in law, PhD in science, PhD in humanities, PhD in computer technology, PhD in engineering, PhD in public health, and PhD in human services.

Online Accredited PhD – Accreditation

Online Accredited PhD GraduationIf you are enrolled in an distance accredit PhD, rest assured that the online PhD that you will be receiving is of utmost quality. This means that you need to check first the accreditation of the college or university where you want to pursue online PhD before committing yourself to its online course. Apparently, accredited online educational institutions provide accredited PhD degrees.

Keep in mind that a legitimate distance accredited PhD distinguished by the licensure board, the professional organizations, and qualified employers can only be provided by accredited PhD programs. To ensure that the educational institution you have chosen is accredited by the Department of Education of your country and its accrediting bodies. Currently, there are six online educational accrediting agencies in the U.S., which are specifically designed to assess online doctoral degrees. They include the Distance Learning and Education Council (DLEC), the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSA), the Higher Learning Commission of North Central Region (NCA), Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). These accrediting agencies award accreditations to educational institutions and universities that have complied with certain requirements on resources, training, and teaching methods.

Online Accredited PhD Graduation DayIn other countries, the accreditation process may differ, but still follow the same criteria in terms of institutional accreditation. Usually, this is done by education ministries or other agencies of the government in specific country. The differences here may be varied in terms of university guidelines and regulations, laws, staff, and professor of the country.

Online Accredited PhD – Avoiding Fake Universities

You have to be cautious in finding the best online school as there are many unscrupulous schools offering you an online PhD though you have not completed or even taken a master’s degree. These are considered fake due to the fact that skipping degree before entering online PhDs is clearly illegal. Beware of these online schools as they are just making use of your situation and make money out of it. Remember, most PhDs can be completed from two to three years.

Final Advice for Online Accredited PhD

So, if you wish to pursue an online accredited PhD, be sure to register at an accredited educational institution. This will help you find a better job after graduation as companies nowadays usually employ individuals for positions according to their fields of specializations and the schools where they graduated.

It is important to note that apart from online PhD, you can also purse PhD by Publication or PhD by Published work. Both kinds of PhDs can be achieved via research and in minimum time period.