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Education Online PhD: An Overview

The emergence of the technology in education has led to the provision of PhD education degree online. Education online PhD focuses on the general theory and practice of teaching and learning; the art of teaching; the planning and management of educational activities; the fundamental principles of educational psychology; the social education foundations; and health issues and school safety.

After crucial scrutiny whether or not the department of university where you want to be admitted is accredited, you should have properly assessed yourself as to the field of PhD education in which you are an expert. You may take into consideration the following online or Professional Doctorates in education.

Education Online PhD in Leadership, Policy and Change

This program is offered as a course-based format that is intended for district, school and other educational leaders from preschool to higher education who wish to further lead change and carry out policy at the national, local, and institutional levels.

Doctor of Education (EdD) in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Education online PhD Hat

Education online PhD Hat

Students taking this degree program are expected to have extensive sphere of influence to help shape the future of education in the district, school, and community. This field is made available in two specializations for experienced administrators and teachers who want to further their practice while acquiring leadership roles in the communities and schools.

Education Online PhD  in  Educational Technology

This study field in education will prepare students become leaders in this area and decision makers who are able to establish solutions to the challenges set in strong theory and research. The course allows students to integrate their knowledge of technology in different professional settings such as teaching in schools, universities, corporations, and other settings.

Doctor of Philosophy in Education in Athletic Administration

Education online PhD Graduated Students

Education online PhD Graduated Students

Learners who wish to integrate a strong theoretical knowledge with individualized emphasis in research in and about post-secondary, PK-12, and adult learning environments can readily take this education online PhD. They may be given an opportunity to modify and focus their course in the means of doctoral research courses, coursework, and doctoral dissertation. This course primarily aims to prepare learners to produce new knowledge or reformulate the existing knowledge for the establishment of educational theory through applied research, give them opportunity to participate scholarship, academic research, and systematic inquiry within education.

Doctor of Philosophy in Education in Education Technology and E-Learning

This course is designed for students who want to learn how to integrate theoretical knowledge with individualized focus in doing research in and about postsecondary, PK-12, and adult learning settings. It combines instructional design, curriculum development, and course delivery through technology and online learning management systems.

Doctor of Philosophy in Education in Global Training and Development

This Education Online PhD trains students to become leaders in the field of development and training. Its coursework covers practical and theoretical information from human resources, organizational leadership, and adult education. It focuses on systemic leadership and organizational capacity that is verified using contemporary theory and practice analysis and research.