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PhD in Finance

An overview of the PhD in Finance program from two of the most prominent institutions in Europe.

A PhD curriculum, unlike that of an MBA or MA or MS courses, prepares a student in research – the comprehension and later the composition of related theories. It leads students to the path of contributing to the research world which will, hopefully, be useful and beneficial to future generations. One post graduate program that is usually pursued by professionals is a PhD in Finance. This course doesn’t necessarily require a Master’s in Business Administration diploma, which trains students in the practical side of business, rather will be a better fit for those who have completed an MS/MPhil in Finance or MS in Economics, both of which are focused on research and computation.

PhD in Finance – Course Structure

Online PhD in Finance graduationA common question raised about this PhD is its academic focus and nature. To give more accurate information about this programme, it is best to consult from one of the best academic institutes to give the true nature and overview of their Finance PhD syllabus. The PhD in Finance degree of Warwick Business School or WBS is intended to lead students towards careers in prestigious academic organizations or universities through refined research-oriented courses in finance. Students learning fulltime may finish this course in three years. During the first year, students are expected to be cultivated towards empirical and theoretical research works. For the second and third years in the course, it will prepare students to be adept in Planning and Managing Research, which is are closely related to the completion of the students’ dissertation papers.

Key Requirements –  PhD in Finance

The requirements of Warwick Business School for aspiring PhD students in Finance are high average academic GPA from top UK schools or overseas, an applicable master’s diploma, high IELTS or TOEFL scores for non-English speaking applicants, and the completion and qualification of the entrance exam. These strict prerequisites are to ensure acceptance of crème –of-the-crop students who usually contend to be one of the ten accepted students from over a hundred applicants.

Other Schools

PhD in Finance graduation Another prominent academic institution that offers a Finance PhD is EDHEC Business School. This European recipient of the triple crown of international accreditation deems that research is the answer to business innovations and the grounds for professional improvement. Almost the same as the Warwick Business School, EDHEC focuses its PhD education towards research with the belief that their students will become lovers of wisdom and hunters of innovative ideas. What is unique with this Business School is that it offers an Executive program for those professionals who don’t have the luxury of time to complete the PhD program full-time. The Executive Program separates major courses into four weeks using the school’s e-learning center.


There are plenty of advantages and benefits that come with the completion of a Doctorate in Finance. Not only do students open more opportunities for professional and financial growth, they also become aids towards the improvement and refinement of related theories on finance. Aspiring PhD holders may research further to see more specialized courses related to finance such as Financial Engineering, Behavioral Finance, Financial Economics to name a few. Before applying in one of these courses, make sure you have completed the credentials necessary in pursuing a PhD.

Please note the apart from traditional PhD in Finance, you can take the same Degree as PhD On line. As this website cater both subjects, please review further articles and discussions to understand online PhD in Finance.

Significance of Doctoral Programs

Consider taking a Doctoral Programs to increase your value as a professional.

The best way to increase someone’s value monetarily and professionally is by pursuing higher education. For those who are still unsure what to course to pursue, probably the best choice is a course related to commerce or education. A course in commerce or PhD in education is most flexible and relatable to any field of profession. There are a handful of excellent academic institutions in the United States of America that offer world class doctorate programs.

Doctoral Programs at Harvard Business School 

Doctoral Programs Harvard Business SchoolOne of the most esteemed institutions is Harvard Business School (HBS). This prestigious institution presents doctoral courses such as Accounting & Management, Economics, Management, Marketing, and so on. Another prominent academic institution that presents world class doctoral programs is the Wharton University of Pennsylvania. This school presents almost the same courses as HBS with just the addition of the doctoral degree in Statistics. Lastly, the C.T. Bauer College of Business in Houston, Texas also gives different top-of-the-line doctoral degrees related to commerce. Recently, they have explored to making hybrid courses wherein students go to the campus half of the time, while the other half is done online.

Admission Requirements for doctoral programs

In order to be considered for the doctorate program in any of the above mentioned institutions, an applicant should have a bachelor’s degree, a complete transcript of records, passed and excelled in the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or General Test of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Non-PhD programs may accept students straight from the completion of their bachelor’s degree. Foreign students are also open to apply provided they comply with additional requirements such as the completion of TOEFL.

Options for Online Doctoral Programs

Doctoral Programs Jones International University For those students who cannot afford to relocate and leave their families or jobs behind may take the alternate route. Nowadays, schools have become more accessible to students due to the development of online education programs. What started as online bachelor’s degrees further developed until the doctoral degrees. There are now hundreds of online programs given by accredited online doctorate schools. Out of all the courses offered, trade and commerce, business and education is usually the top choice amongst students. Some of the accredited institutions that have business courses are the Capella University, University of Phoenix, Northcentral University Online, and Jones International University to name a few.

Applications to any of the mentioned online or on-campus academic institutions may be done through the schools’ respective websites. Again, remember to check the prerequisites and make sure you have accomplished them to not waste more time.

Schools now are thinking of ways to make learning more available to anyone living anywhere in the world. So whether you wish to pursue graduate studies on campus or online, you may easily view doctoral programs with just a click of a finger. Applications to scholarships are also available online so there is no stopping anyone who is highly competent and eligible to take a post graduate course. It just takes a decisive effort in order to pull this further learning through. And afterwards, you are guaranteed to have brighter and better professional or occupational prospects waiting in no time.