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What is a Split Site PhD Program?

A Split Site PhD Program is a unique take on PhD studies. Read about importance of Split site PhD program for busy professionals

Split Site PhD Program – Overview and Importance

Split Site PhD Program

Split Site PhD Program

The split site PhD options allows applicants to attend a foreign university without having to leave their home countries for an extended period of time. Split site PhD programs are usually the result of a working partnership between two or more universities or institutes of higher education. These split site PhD programs are intended for applicants that are unable to commit to relocating to a university full time whether it be because of their jobs, family responsibilities, or their general location. Split site PhD programs also offer a more affordable route to obtaining a doctoral degree.

In addition to being one of the more affordable options for international students wishing to study at a foreign university the split site PhD program also allow applicants to be eligible for local salaries, living allowances, and academic fees. They are set up in a way that ensures that applicants are able to receive a quality education without having to sacrifice their everyday lives.

Split Site PhD Program – Duration

Every split site PhD program is different just as every university is different. Split site PhDs are normally studied at a part time pace and can take anywhere between five to seven years to complete depending on the universities as well as course completion. Split site PhDs are unique because you are not required to spend a large amount of time in the foreign university. Most split site PhDs only require that you spend a duration of anywhere between 6 weeks to 12 months at the foreign university that can be done throughout the duration of your program. This can be done at the applicant’s leisure as long as all of the required time is finished before the end of the degree program. Each school has a different amount of time that they require applicants visit.

Split Site PhD Program – Eligibility

  • Applicants wishing to participate in a split site PhD program are required to have maintained their Master’s degrees.
  • Applicants must show proficiency in the English language.
  • The applicant must have a clear and composed research proposal
  • The applicant must be able to maintain constant contact with their supervisors regardless of time zone differences. The applicant will have access to at least two academic supervisors which is an immense opportunity for doctoral candidates.
  • The applicant must demonstrate that they will have appropriate access to adequate research facilities in their home countries to help carry out their PhD degrees.

Split Site PhD Program – Best UK Universities

Below are three universities that provide the split site PhDs for applicants:

  • University of Durham: The University of Durham is one of the oldest operating universities in the United Kingdom with a reputation for excellence. The University of Durham offers split site PhDs with a number of approved universities. The split site PhDs are managed in a way that ensures that the candidate is present at the University of Durham during certain events such as induction, their 9 month academic review, and viva.
  • University of Exeter: The University of Exeter is a large research university that strives for excellence. Their College of Humanities works in partnerships with the London Film School and the National Institute of Advanced Studies to provide split site PhD programs. The split site PhDs cover drama and archaeology between the schools. The University of Exeter’s split-site programs are available as part of the university’s scholarship arrangement. The program is not currently open for standard applications. Interested applicants should contact the school directly for additional information.
  • Split Site PhD Program

    Split Site PhD Program

    University of Birmingham:
    The University of Birmingham is a notable red brick university with a reputation for excellence. Their degree program for Computer Science is offered as a Split Site PhD Program. These specific slit site PhD programs are offered to applicants that find themselves financially incapacitated. This offers those students with a means to obtain an affordable education without having to sacrifice attending their first choice school.

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