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Psychologist Doctorate

The nature of Psychology and the educational rigor behind it.

Psychology is a branch of science that deals with the understanding of the human intellectual and behavioral processes. This understanding is achieved with necessary and appropriate research and application. To understand the meaning of Psychologist Doctorate, you must understand that a person who studies human behavioral and thinking processes is called a psychologist. Psychologists try to learn anything and everything that affects human conduct. From the exploration of perceptions and opinions to culture and the norm, psychologists tirelessly figure out the relationship or the ripple effect of one behavioral factor to another. For this reason, there are stringent criteria that practitioners have to meet in order for them to be considered as full-pledged psychologists. A practitioner must obtain a PhD in Psychology in order to function as a researcher, counselor, teacher, or a clinician.

Psychologist Doctorate – Practice Requirements

Psychologist Doctorate Graduates

Psychologist Doctorate Graduates

Not only should one obtain such educational attainment, but also be able to pass requirements in order to be licensed practitioners. In the United States of America, requirements in attaining licensure in psychology vary from state to state. Having a license does give a practitioner full authority and liberty to practice the profession in other states. For example in Pennsylvania, an aspirant must pass the Pennsylvania Psychologist Law Exam, which has several prerequisites like criminal record history clearance, doctoral approval status, and so on.

Famous Doctors holding Psychologist Doctorate

Psychologist Doctorate Graduate

Psychologist Doctorate Graduate

In the western culture, there are a lot of Psychology doctorates as the demand for such is higher in the region. Some of the renowned psychologists practice in the USA. One of the most famous is Dr. David Atkins, PhD. This psychologist doctorate holder is based in Washington State. He is a Research Associate Professor at the University of Washington. He is the co-founder of the Clinical Research Method and Statistics Interest Group and was given an editorial award for his participation in the Journal of Family Psychology publication. Another famous psychologist is Dr. Valerie Golden, PhD. She is currently based in Minnesota where she is doing private practice. Prior to her private practice, she was a member of the Clinical Psychology faculty in Columbia University – New York. With her level of expertise, she is able to practice psychology using eclectic and psychoanalytical methods to treat persons who are undergoing stress, addiction, or depression.

Psychologist Doctorate – Degrees

A lot of universities in the USA offer post graduate programs in or related to psychology. To cater to the increasing interested applicants, some of these universities offer online post graduate studies in psychology. One of these universities is Northcentral University. Located in Prescott Valley, Arizona, Northcentral University presents doctorate programs in psychology with specialization in gender issues, health psychology, industrial psychology, etc. Another university that offers online PhD programs is Walden University. Walden University in Minneapolis has grown prominence in giving online courses and has received accreditation from the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

In Asia, interests in psychology have also started developing. In Japan, the Doctoral Psychology program at the University of Tsukuba has been abolished to give way to a new and better graduate program which combines different fields like Human Resource, Psychology, and Behavioral Sciences into one comprehensive graduate program.

The continuing development in the field of psychology proves the rise in attention and need of individuals to fully understand the dynamics of human interaction. With the spread of such development to the academe, there is great hope of more and more Psychologist Doctorate holders that can eventually unfold the phenomenon – human being.

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