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PhD Scholarships

Worry no more because there are quite a number of PhD Scholarships available through various foundations and institutions

A challenge faced by a lot of professionals nowadays is the need of earning enough living in order to live a more comfortable and more secure life. Especially for those living in less developed nations, the opportunities of escalating worth is limited to those who can afford education. One way of increasing one’s professional value is to pursue higher education like a master’s degree or even better until the doctorate level. As with any business, in order to earn more profit, one has to pull resources to use as capital. This also holds true in education.

The higher the quality of education to be expected from an academic institution, the higher the tuition costs. Nevertheless, the more prestigious the university is, the more job opportunities with better compensation packages surfaces. With these facts at hand, a lot of philanthropic organizations synergized in order to help make this situation a fair game for both privileged and underprivileged individuals. Currently, there is a multitude of college, undergraduate, graduate, masters and PhD scholarships available to those less privileged in resources but highly qualified intellectually.

PhD Scholarships – Flagship Collaboration Fund

The Flagship Collaboration Fund is an example of an organization that offers scholarships to the highly qualified students from Australia. This fund is initiated by the Australian government for Australian citizens only. Doctorate scholarships will be offered to students are currently in an Australian University and are performing beyond par.

PhD Scholarships – David Woods Scholarship Fund and American-Scandinavian Foundation

PhD Scholarships University of ConnecticutWhile there are some organizations that only open scholarships to locals, there are also others that offer international scholarships to anyone who is highly qualified. An example of an organization that offers scholarships to foreign students is the David Woods Scholarship Fund. This organization was established in partnership with the University of Connecticut and the Denmark International Studies (DIS). This gives opportunities for Danish students to study in the University of Connecticut or vice versa. Another organization is the American-Scandinavian Foundation, which provides opportunities of graduate fellowship grants for scholars from Denmark or USA.

PhD Scholarships from German Universities

In Germany, both government and non-government organizations established PhD Scholarship foundations to encourage national and international students to pursue higher learning. Although they prioritize German citizens to avail scholarships, the country has also opened their doors and finances to students overseas who may eventually be a part of the work force in Germany. Some of the prominent foundations there are the Heinrich Boll Foundation, Freidrich Ebert Foundation, and the Fullbright Commission.

PhD Scholarships from Universities in New Zealand

PhD Scholarships University of WellingtonIn New Zealand, the Victoria PhD Scholarships University of Wellington offers scholarship to students currently enrolled in a university within or out of New Zealand. The school prioritizes fulltime students who can render 150 hours of assistantship to the university they will choose.

In most of the above mentioned universities, there is freedom in choosing the PhD Degree course the student may wish to take. However, there are some foundations that were established on the idea of encouraging more research on a particular field. The International Centre for Graduate Education in Micro- and Nano- Engineering or ICGEE is a program funded by the Irish government which aims to expand knowledge in micro and nano engineering by offering scholarships with partner universities.

Regardless of the specialization a student wishes to pursue, there are certainly various generous foundations offering PhD scholarships and which are willing to help out students who are highly qualified but lack resources to fulfill higher education. Just make sure that when applying for a scholarship, be earnest in writing the intentions of pursuing a post-graduate degree. Also, make sure that you fit the qualities and meet the qualifications required by the organization. Please note that if your unable to receive any scholarship, please check option for distance or online PhD Programs to cut your living cost and time.