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Distance PhDs allow you to save time and money with flexible scheduling and Low costs

PhD Online -Selection Criteria

Many students, especially those who are financially deprived or committed to other undertakings, often wonder whether or not they can attain PhD on line. If you are one of these students, you need not to worry anymore since there are PhD degree programs that are available online. Among the popular study fields offered online are nursing PhD, engineering PhD, health PhD, business PhD and PhD in finance. These programs are presented in a virtual environment.

Online PhD GraduationPhD on line or doctorate degrees are considered the highest level of education that you can attain and make you eligible to teach at reputable universities or land in leadership or executive positions in huge organizations or government agencies. It is a common misconception that online education will be a lot easier than attending to traditional college. The truth is that the course work in both forms are just the same. In fact, some online doctoral degrees require studies in an online or traditional setting such as school visits and oral presentation in a classroom.

Be reminded that getting a PhD degree can be more challenging, especially if you are used to traditional programs as this setting requires good time management, organization, and dedication. In most instances, no one will know whether or not you are listening to the lecture. This means that you have to be more responsible in ensuring that you have taken advantage of all the provided materials for your study.

Stages – PhD on line

Generally, there are three stages applied in PhD online. The first stage involves the selection of a coursework which depends on the degree and usually takes one to three years. The second stage is intended for dissertation writing that defends your thesis in your chosen field of study. This stage takes you at least one year to write your dissertation covering 100-450 pages. The last stage is found very difficult since it asks you to present your dissertation in a panel of professors of colleagues. This is the time when you will be given an oral exam. Getting these PhDs can be an amazing opportunity, but you still have to check for an accredited online PhD as there are many unscrupulous colleges and universities offering false online PhDs. Of course you would not want to become useless after completing the course. So be extra cautious and wise in selecting the best online university for your PhD.

Advantages and Disadvantages – PhD on line

JPhD on line Graduationust like traditional PhDs, Online PhD carry with them advantages and disadvantages. Online PhDs allows you to save much time, which you may use for other activities. They give you flexible scheduling of your time according to your convenient time of study. They also allow you to save money since you will not be spending money for your fare or for fuel if you have a car. However, finding reputable PhD On line can be a daunting task due to the proliferation of fake schools. Online PhDs also require you to be more motivated as they offer a lot of homeworks and downloadable materials to study.