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PhD in Psychology

The path towards doing a PhD in Psychology and being a psychologist may be a long road, but it sure has a lot of rewards in the end.

There are four categories under the umbrella of the doctorate level of education and specifically for PhD in Psychology. These four categories are Research Doctorate, Professional Doctorate, Honorary Doctorate, and Higher Doctorate. The most famous of the four are Research and Professional Doctorates. While both of these doctorates deal with the investigation of old knowledge and the exploration of new knowledge, the latter focuses on a more specific field and should always be in line with a particular profession. A popular doctorate degree that is under the subcategory of Professional Doctorate is Doctor of Psychology. Garnering a Doctorate in Psychology allows an individual to practice clinical psychology or counseling psychology provided the degree is gained from an accredited educational institution. Please note that apart from traditional PhD programs, PhD now can be availed through distance or Online PhD.

PhD in Psychology – After Graduation Practice

PhD in Psychology Ceremony

PhD in Psychology Ceremony

It entails a lot of academic work in order for a person to be a licensed and practicing psychologist. There are strict requirements which should be adhered to if one wants to be regarded as a Doctor of Psychology. While there may be varying laws that apply to each and every country or state, most of these nations similarly follow the same prerequisites. So if you are interested in studying human behaviors, mental disorders, and the like and eventually hold a Psychologist Doctorate, here are some tips for you to consider. As soon as you graduate from high school, search for a college or university that offers Psychology. As you proceed with you bachelor’s degree, determine which specific area in psychology you wish to focus your study into. Also, do not forget to maintain a high GPA so you can enroll in a good academic institution to get your Master’s Degree in Psychology.

An MPhil in Psychology differs from a PhD in Psychology as the former is of a lower educational attainment level and requires less time and research output than the latter. For sure, by this point, you will be certain as to which particular area in psychology you wish to practice as a professional. After earning a master’s diploma, ask yourself if you want to practice clinical psychology or be a contributor to science through research. If you choose to be a practicing clinician, you should take the Doctor of Psychology program or the Psy.D.

PhD in Psychology – Jobs

PhD in Psychology Ceremony

PhD in Psychology Ceremony

If you wish to be a researcher or even a teacher of psychology, then opt for the Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology or the PhD. The difference between the two may not academically be too far apart but the focus of the Psy.D. program is to produce clinical doctors while the PhD is to generate researchers in psychology. Last in the long list of prerequisites of being a full-pledged psychologist is the accomplishment and the passing of the licensure exam. This requirement varies from country to country or state to state. It is imperative to know the local laws in order to assure completeness of your documents.

Being a psychologist after PhD in Psychology may be a long and tedious task which needs a lot of perseverance and patience. Nevertheless, with the number of years you have invested to get to a prime position, comes the ability to help people and put your knowledge into good use.

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