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PhD GMAT Test for Doctorate Degree Programs

This article provides information about the PhD GMAT Test available for upcoming PhD candidates.

PhD GMAT Test – Basic Facts



The PhD GMAT Test is the standardized test that graduate students take who are wishing to participate in business schools. Many prestigious business schools demand that the GMAT test be taken before admission into their MBA programs but it is a set requirement for admission into PhD programs. The GMAT is tested in English and is a combination of reasoning, writing aptitude, and numerical values. While GMAT tests are not required in 100% of all business school it is important to discover if the business school you are planning to attend requires the GMAT for admission.

PhD GMAT Test- How the Test Works?

There are four main sections to the test and the GMAT is a 3.5 hour test. Students are advised to take the practice test questions that are available online through the Graduate Management Admissions Council.

  • The Analytical Writing: Students participating in this section will be given a question to analyze and then write an essay responding to the question. Students are awarded 30 minutes to completely address and answer the question. There are no alternative questions.
  • Integrated Reasoning: This section is a newer part of the GMAT that helps to test the student’s capacity to integrate data. This is not a requirement for all business schools and some don’t take this section into account. The students are awarded 30 minutes to address 12 questions that address multi-source reasoning, graphic interpretation, table analysis, and two part analysis.
  • Quantitative: This is the more numerical area of the GMAT. This section requires the student to have a firm grasp of arithmetic, geometry, and algebra. The students are awarded 75 minutes to answer 75 questions. There are data sufficiency questions and problem solving questions.
  • Verbal: This section allows the students 75 minutes to complete 41 questions that are designed to test the students critical reasoning, reading comprehension, and sentence correction.


The PhD GMAT Test is computer based test that adapts to the students personal ability. With the exception of the analytical writing assessment the questions are asked in a sequence of varying difficulty. The way a student answers a question will determine how hard the next question will be. Wrong answers allow for easier questions and right answers allow for harder questions and better results.



Scoring the GMAT Test
The score is calculated by the number of questions answers, the number of correct versus incorrect answers, and the difficulty level of each question. The maximum score for the GMAT is 800 with many candidates achieving scores of 400-700. Most students are able to score a minimum of 650 and very few score less. However, most students need a minimum of 718 to be accepted into the best business schools in the world. The student’s GMAT scores don’t always guarantee their admission. Many schools will take into consideration the different components of the PhD GMAT Test as well as prior experience and professional qualifications.

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