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PhD by External Registration

Read about importance of PhD by External Registration for busy professionals

PhD by External Registration – Overview

PhD by External Registration

PhD by External Registration

There are many different categories of online PhD distance learning or external registration programs available to applicants. These categories help a potential candidate figure out the best avenue to pursue when going after their online PhD degrees. The categories are:


  • Split Site PhD Program
  • PhD by External Registration Program
  • PhD by Publication Program- this option is normally open only to qualifying candidates that have already published academic work. This option is normally reserved for graduates or university staff.


*Both the Split Site PhD Program and the PhD by External Registration Program are excellent choices for international applicants.

As the online PhD program phenomenon continues to rise in popularity many universities are beginning to offer online PhD programs through a process called PhD by External Registration. PhD by External Registration is one of the most flexible options for both domestic and international students but especially the international students. PhD by External Registration is highly popular among universities from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, as well as other areas of Europe but is offered on a more global scale. Many universities offer this as a normal degree program while others caution that it is a last resort method for doctoral candidates. Either way more universities are opening up to the thought of online PhD programs as the need for distance education rises.

PhD by External Registration: The Process

PhD by External Registration sounds like a daunting task but it is much simpler than a person thinks. The applicant applied for the PhD courses at the school of their choice that is offering the external registration option.

Once you are admitted you begin work towards your doctoral degree just like any other applicant would. You will still be assigned a supervisor that will oversee all your work and be there to guide you through the processes of developing your research as well as helping you to create your dissertation. You will dedicate a majority of your time to working on your thesis or proposed dissertation that you will present after a duration of three to six years depending on your university of choice. You might be required to travel to the university for a few weeks in order to defend your thesis or dissertation. This is dependent on the universities. Some universities offer more relaxed programs where the only time that you have to attend the university is when you are defending your dissertation. Other universities require that you make a physical appearance once a year. It all depends on the university.

PhD by External Registration

PhD by External Registration

The only real commitment that the applicant has to make is that they are required to be in constant contact with their supervisor. This is important because your supervisor is there to help guide you through your PhD program. It is almost important that applicants that choose to do their educations through the PhD by External Registration route ensure that they will have access to suitable and acceptable research facilities in their local area.