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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Online PhD is an advanced academic degree awarded by universities to individuals who have successfully completed a doctorate degree or doctoral study.

This is considered the highest level of education one can earn. The demand for PhD study is growing because it has become a requirement for a career as school leader such as dean or school president and a university professor or researcher in most if not all fields of study.

Online PhD – Key Reasons to Choose

Online PhD University of DurhamWith the popularity of PhD study, universities are now offering Distance PhD programs to accommodate learning in a more convenient and accessible way. This is another option for the completion of your doctorate degree. Although in most cases, students still prefer on campus or the traditional structured learning where face to face meetings with professors in live lectures and presentation is required. Their reason is that, face to face group discussion is more effective than communicating through electronic devices. There are just things that are better when discussed in person rather than just discussing it through emails, chats or even with video conferencing.

But if you are busy with your work and you don’t have time to complete your doctorate degree in commuting through campus to attend live lectures and discussions, online study is perfect for you.The only requirement in taking your PhD online is a computer with internet connection and an online learning website of your choice. These are sites which offer programs and courses in doctoral study that are to be earned online. In most cases, a school requirement in taking up doctorate degree is the completion of a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree.

Online PhD – Courses and Programs

Online PhD study offers a wide variety of programs and courses that are available online, from the study on the field of business, education, information technology, science, architecture and engineering and other specialization.

Online PhD University of SussexOnline PhD Degree Programs in business is popular with high demands in the field of consulting and finance. According to Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, a professor with a PhD in business earns $88,000 in a year. A high amount of earning compared to other business related courses.Other types of online doctoral programs you can earn are Doctor of Art in Administration (DA), Doctorate in Law (JD), these are usually the degree earned by chief justices and judge of a supreme court, Doctor of Public Administration (DPA), Education Doctorate (EdD) probably one of the most in demand doctoral degree and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) a degree earned after completion of MBA or Master’s in Business Administration.

If you want to try online or distance learning for the completion of your PhD, you may want to thoroughly check the school or university providing the programs and courses of online PhD study. This is to ensure that the school offers high quality standard. You do not want to end up regretting the choice of your programs and the school that are offering these courses just because you failed to check the credibility of the school.