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If you are in search for the best school programs and universities that are offering high quality standard of education through distance or online learning for your doctoral study you may want to try online PhD UK. There are top rating universities in the United Kingdom that offers the best distance learning PhD programs all over the world. According to the British Accreditation Council, United Kingdom Universities are in the lead for the most online PhD programs that are available through the web all over the world.

Top Universities and Online PhD UK

Online PhD UK University of LeedsTop schools and universities that are offering this online PhD programs are ruling the world of distance learning because of their effective ways of teaching through their online learning website that provides useful and creative information for the completion of the PhD degree programs. Top online PhD UK universities includes University of Leeds, University of Wales, University of London, and University of Manchester. These are the schools that offer the best online PhD programs such as online PhD in Business Administration, online PhD in Accounting, online PhD in Education and other important specialization either in science or business field of study.

Distance PhD in University of Manchester is considered the largest university all over the world which offers distance PhD degree programs. The main program offered in this university is the Doctorate in Business Administration. The innovative approach in the DBA program is the key feature why this is the course that is leading the university to the top rank. The Doctorate in Business Administration focuses on the advanced learning knowledge of business applications and theories.

Online PhD UK University of ManchesterA student who is enrolled in this program is expected to work on comprehensive independent research, critical thinking levelled on a doctoral skill, building critical and crucial reflection of business entities and issues and to work with a full length dissertation that is one of the final requirements upon completion of the program. When a student successfully completed the program, he or she is expected to acquire the knowledge and expertise that is necessary to apply whatever is learned in preparation for a managerial or high ranking position in business education. Also, a student or individual enrolled in the University of Manchester is entitled to full or half scholarship for his or her distance PhD degree program.

This is to provide opportunity to students who are unable to pay for their studies but is willing to earn a doctorate degree online. This is also a part of their distance learning development. If a student is granted with a Ph.D. Degree scholarship, he will initially complete independent research guided by the director or supervisor of the school.

Online PhD UK and Course Duration

If you are interested to earn your PhD degree online you may want to try online PhD UK universities that are offering top ranking programs and courses in doctoral study.  This is a 3 to 4 year program of full time study. If English is not your first language, it is essential to get at least 7 score in IELTS exam to be accepted in the program.