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Online PhD UK | What is a Split-Site PhD? | List of UK Universities

The following article provides an overview of Split-Site doctor of philosophy degree programme, its process, and the UK-based academic institutions offering it.

Online PhD UK Via Split Site PhD in UK Universities

Online PhD UK Durham University Heritage Centre Should be one of the students who would want to pursue a PhD research degree without leaving home country, Split-site PhD research program is the best one for you and UK is the right destination to look for an educational institution to provide you great destination. Online PhD UK is open for students who are interested to further their studies to the higher level. This option allows you to complete a degree from your chosen university while working on your thesis on your own country. This, of course, requires a sound integration from the host UK university and any of its recognized partner institution anywhere the globe.

PhD in split-site approach is specifically developed to provide you an access to your chosen institution while keeping affordable cost and to enable you to keep in your existing circumstances such as in your job or at your location. This PhD program is ideal for those who are doing work in countries outside UK, in research institutions, universities, and any other similar organisations.

UK universities that offer split-site studies provide PhD students with an extensive range of research areas and disciplines. Cost-savings aside, they promise local salary maintenance, minimal living costs, and competitive academic fees. They make sure that every student will receive excellent education that is just due to them.

Normally, you will be spending five years for this part-time research program, but you may have until seven years to complete the course depending on your academic standing and the duration allowed by your school. This approach does not require you to spend time in UK for the whole learning period. You may visit the university once a year or more or less often. Again, this depends on the institution where you enrolled the program.

Online PhD UK (Split-Site) – Requirements

Online PhD UK University of East London Stratford LibraryJust like any other universities and colleges, UK split-site PhDs require students to have completed their master’s degree, undergraduate degree holders with honors or recognized academic merit for professionalism, or any minimum requirements asked by respective schools. For PhD students who are not speaking English language, they should provide proof of proficiency like IELTS with an overall rating of 6.5 without elements below 6.0 or its equivalent. Students should develop a research project proposal that is clear and properly planned supervisor who is interested in this mode of study is also necessary along with a local mentor who will be working with the students while away from their country of origin. It is very important that the appointed advisor is always available whenever they are needed for consultation or any arrangement for research. Full support from the employers of the working students is also crucial to ensure that local resource and facilities necessary for the program are in place.

Split Site PhD – Best Universities

Among the online PhD UK universities offering Split-site PhD programs are :

Apart from above list there are lots of universities offering this type of research program.