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Online PhD UK | What is a PhD By Publication? | List of UK Universities

The following article will prepare you for a PhD by Publication at any reputable PhD university.

Online PhD UK University of Glamorgan Business SchoolOf all the online PhD UK programs, PhD by publication is one that is mostly sought for by students. This course is enables students to submit their thesis containing research articles that are previously published. It is designed for researchers who are employed as members of their faculty. It covers academic work with same rigour, volume, and quality required in PhD programs along with the original contribution to knowledge acquisition. It can be completed from 6 to 12 months, depending on the academic institution where it is being studied. It clarifies that the work submitted for award consideration should be relevant or equivalent to a minimum of three years in full-time work.

Online PhD UK – PhD by Publication Process

Online PhD UK University Of WestminsterFor interested applicants for this study program, they have to ensure that their publications were already published in recognized journals in their specific academic interest or in a book or book chapters. Many universities require them to register for two years part-time or one year full-time course right after the acceptance of their application. Their chosen school will provide them with a supervisor expert on their respective course and is tasked to appraise their published work. Oral examination is also part of the whole course.

Online PhD UK – PhD by Publication Universities

Below are some of the UK universities offering online PhD degrees by publication:

  1. City University – This institution requires applicants to submit any evidence of their original creative work and a critical analysis supporting the publication itself. Qualified students are those nominated by the university’s professoriate members proving to have same interest in research work. They are also compelled to become a student for a minimum of one year a maximum of two years. Tuition fees here depend on the mode of their study, whether in a part-time or a full-time basis.

  2. University of Bolton – The course in this school aims at providing students with the highest level of academic achievement on the study area where they are expert at by publishing their own work. It allows students to abide to their research expertise aside from their resources to strengthen their personal development and growth. One of its entry requirements is the submission of three papers in notable international patent and journals.

  3. Staffordshire University – Qualified students for the course in this school need to prove the publication of their work that has independent and original contribution to the knowledge of their area of interest. It also requires students to hold a first or second honours degree from any reputable university in Great Britan.

  4. University of Glamorgan – This school offers the course to interested students on published work(Please note, this university offers PhD By Publications to its member of staff and alumni). It requires eligible candidates to pass their published work along with an overview of the material itself. This will serve as their authorship and the amount of their originality and significant contribution to their respective field of research.

Above list is just some of the universities that offer this unique online PhD UK (PhD by Publication). Below is a further list of other UK Universities offering PhD by Publication:

  1. University of the Art London
  2. University of Bolton
  3. University of West London
  4. University of Westminster
  5. University of East Anglia
  6. University of Edinburgh
  7. Swansea University