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The following article offers an overview of the PhD by Publication (online PhD UK) being offered at the University of West London in England.

Online PhD UK University of West London Paragon Campus Brentford The reputable University of West London is one of the public universities in UK with campuses in Brentford, Reading, Slough, and Ealing. It is the university that serves both businesses and communities in London. It works closely with the Regional Development Agencies, the local government, and the regeneration bodies to strengthen the cultural, economic and social lives of these communities. It only aims to provide students with higher education that allows them to realize their academic and career potential, to expand their skills, and to increase their employment opportunities. All of these it provide through its wide range of offline and online PhD UK programs. One of these PhD programs is PhD by Publication or Published Work, which will be the main focuses of this post.

Online PhD UK via PhD by Publication

Online PhD UK University of West London St Marys RoadUniversity of West London’s PhD by Published Work offers an alternative approach to a PhD program in traditional setting designed for student or students who are able to demonstrate focus and specialization in their subject of interest and who already developed their doctorate skills. It evaluates their research training and their subsequent published work. The published works usually cover papers, monographs, research reports, other publications, or chapters. Multi-authored works should submit an evidence of their individual contribution to the work. All the works should be published any time during their research career and should be accessible in the public domain. It is clarified that these works should not have been submitted for an award other than those recommended by the examiners. This will bar applicants from registering for the course in three years from the original date of examination. The works to be submitted for evaluation should also be written in English. Translation of the work will be required for those written in foreign language.

Online PhD UK – Entry Requirements

You have to comply either of the following should you be interested to apply for PhD by Published Work:

  1. Good first-degree, which could be either First Class or could be Upper Second Class, or its equivalent in related field

  2. Master’s Degree or its equivalent post-graduate degree or experience in research

  3. Any other qualifications that should be discussed for the assessment of their eligibility

Other entry requirements for the course are:

  1. A minimum of five years in of significant experience at post-graduate education level in any setting

  2. An existing record of publication

  3. Research in line with the research activities of the university so it can appoint and assign you supervisors who are expert with your chosen research topic for study

  4. Competence in both spoken and written English with at least seven IELTS score

  5. Foreign applicants should meet the standard IELTS score of 7, TOEFL internet base test score of at least 100, TOEFL computer base score at least 250, or paper base score of 600 or more.

Once you have succeeded the application process for PhD by Publication, you will be provided with teaching methods and coursework of this online PhD UK during the progress until you complete the program.