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This article focuses on one of the sought-after online PhD UK degree programs at the University of the Arts London, the PhD by Published Works or Publication

Online PhD UK London College of CommunicationThe University of the Arts London has already established strong reputation as a leader when it comes to arts and graphic design in United Kingdom. This London college received formal inauguration in the month of May in 2004 and from then on expanded its facilities and amenities until it reached six colleges throughout London. Much of its recruitment is conducted through one-year portfolio work or foundation courses with varying entry requirements depending on the preferred course of study. But for the purpose of this article, the online PhD UK  (PhD by Publication) will be mainly discussed here.

Online PhD UK University of the Art LondonThe Published Work degree in this university can be taken through a Master of Philosophy or MPhil and a Doctor of Philosophy or PhD. The MPhil degree is open for students who defend their published work along with its critical appraisal that satisfies the qualifications set by examiners. Meanwhile, the PhD degree is designed for students who defend the same published work. Among the acceptable published works are books, edited collections, monographs, papers, scholarly text editions, or any other advanced scholarship. The submitted work should have been published or publicly disseminated in 10 years and should reflect a continuing publication record in two months. The PhD applicants then need to present and defend the work they have submitted in English except when the Research Degrees Sub-Committee permission has already been given. For works written in any language other than English, a certified translation should be provided by applicants.

Entry requirements to be accepted in PhD or MPhil by Published Work in this university include:

  1. A degree of first or upper second class honors of a university in UK or any qualification that is equivalent to this degree as designated by the Research Degrees Sub-Committee

  2. Other suitable qualification that is given out of studies of professional experience for at least five years.

The procedures for applying to this PhD program cover the following:

  1. The prima facie stage of the application when thy can register for the degree any time of the school year

  2. Submission of application in the form of writing to the University Research Support containing a list of the applicants’ published works, summary of contribution to knowledge, statement determining when, where and what period the research contributed to the works, and signed declaration noting their submission for research degree

  3. Its Research Support Office’s forwarding of the application to the director of research for consideration

  4. Examination of the works by a panel of experts

  5. Recommendations of the panel

  6. Consideration of an application as well as submission for the degree

Procedures as well as regulations associated to complaints, appeals, and grievances for the PhD by Publication degree are also provided in the same way as the other online PhD UK programs being offered at the university.