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Discussion in the following article is the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) by Publication (Online PhD UK) offer of the University of Stirling.

Online PhD UK Buildings at University of StirlingOften described as a campus university, the University of Stirling is considered as a formidable centre of learning that values ability. The university attributes its excellence and greatness to its staff, students, and graduates who help shape the community in the United Kingdom. It is regarded as the first genuine university found in Scotland for more than 400 years. Since then it has maintain and retain its pioneering spirit as well as its passion for excellence and innovation in everything it does. It works with its student community in delivering high quality offline and online PhD UK programs producing intellectually able graduates. These are being offered with flexibility so that PhD students can explore and discover new interests and subjects. One of these degree programs is the PhD by Publication.

Online PhD UK via PhD by Publication

Among the qualifications and requirements for admission to this study program are as follows:

  1. Applicants for this Publication-centered PhD will be considered if the published work they have submitted demonstrates its original as well as its relevant contribution to knowledge within this specific discipline in published works that are already pre-reviewed.

  2. A portfolio of four and six published research papers that are interconnected with each other and are contextualized by coherent narrative. These works should cover monographs, technical reports, scholarly text editions, creative work, chapters, papers, or any other artefacts.

  3. Registration and taking the usual research program and genetic training over the period.

  4. Indication on the submitted published work as a PhD by Published Work

  5. Making certain that a greater number of the submitted publications are based on research conducted during the entire course

  6. Ensuring that the applicant is the first author the submitted publication. The contribution of the other authors of the work should be indicated in case there are other authors aside from the applicant.

  7. Applicants are also required to submit their published work or works in hard cover for formality.

Online PhD UK – Course Outline

The university sets out the rules and regulations of the submitted publications for this PhD program including:

  1. Summary of every submitted publication

  2. Outline of the publication’s interrelationships

  3. Comment on the stance of any periodicals or journals and the publications’ reception that is indicated in book reviews and citations

  4. Summary of the aims, the objectives, the methodologies, the results and the conclusion of the work

  5. Reflection of the methods and methodology of research

  6. Review of the original and relevant contribution to knowledge

  7. Rationale proving its equivalence to the one that is normally demonstrated

Online PhD UK University of Stirling PoolIt is pointed out that the evaluation for the PhD by Publication course should follow the above-mentioned rules and regulations with consideration to the equivalent nature of studying PhD. Eligible applicants for this online PhD UK Program are also expected to have viva examination. When all these requirements are submitted and all rules and regulations are followed, you will then have to wait for the result of your application.