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The split-site program (online PhD UK) of the University of Southampton in Singapore is the main topic of this article.

Online PhD UK University of Southampton Montefiore HouseBritish Russell Group’s University of Southampton is situated in Southampton City in United Kingdom. The university is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities and the European University Association. It receives accreditation from the Worldwide Universities Network and is recognized as one of UK’s leading research institutes with its consistent achievement of high scores in its learning an d teaching activities. In fact, it has the highest income coming from its activities in research in UK. It is composed of eight faculties offering an extensive range of study fields. It commits itself to a comprehensive policy having equal opportunities for its students as well as in employment. What makes it distinctive when compared to the other universities is the incorporation of its academic excellence with entrepreneurial and innovative approach to research. This initiative allows it to support an academic culture that challenges and engages the student and school staff in learning. Such is reflexive it its online PhD UK degree offerings.

Research marks as the lifeblood of the institution as it powers every little or huge thing people do ranging from their innovative methods of teaching to its increasing spin out of firms portfolio. Which is why, it offers students with significant number of doctoral study programs to cater all its topics for research. Once you choose to enroll at this university, you will expect to experience world-class research and work with academics and staff who are well-respected in the international academic educational setting. The institution allows you to choose from its 200 research programs and 140 taught programs. Study opportunities here comprise research and taught components other than the international opportunities. Research programs are provided in MPhil which is generally available for a minimum of one year and PhD which is available for study in a rigorous and demanding environment for research. Take into account that applicants usually register themselves for MPhil and then transfer to PhD to satisfactory progress.

Online PhD UK via Split Site PhD

The university is also offering PhD in split-site approach with Singapore. This academic approach involves structured surfaces designed for engineering applications. For instance, its PhD mutlidisciplinary studentship is offered in the first two years of the students in the Electro-mechanical research group. This studentship grant provides a tax-free bursary amounting to 13,600 pounds annually, which is being increased each year to align with the recommended rate of the British government. Apart from university Singapore, Southampton School of management has Split-PhD collaboration with various universities including Institute of Management Sciences Peshawar, Pakistan.

Online PhD UK – Program Requirements

Online PhD UK University of Southampton StonehamhouseBe notified that the applications for its MPhil/PhD programs require for additional documentation that will support all other requisites for your application process. This can be done online. Interested students for online PhD UK should satisfy the general entry point requirements along with any particular requirements necessitated by the selected doctoral program. Another requirement is the evidence that will prove the level of your interest in the program you have selected as well as better understanding of its rigorous demands. Meanwhile, international PhD students should make certain that they meet all entry requirements, specifically in their English language and academic qualifications.