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This article provides an overview of the University of Salford and its Split-Site PhD (online PhD UK) Programs.

Online PhD UK University of Salford Peel BuildingSalford University is noted as Greater Manchester’s campus university with nearly 20,000 students. The university has progressed successfully that it was recognized and awarded with the Royal Charter status in 1967 and further expanded until it was integrated with the University College of Salford in the year 1996. It is rated as one of the top 10 universities when it comes to teaching in higher education. It works closely with industry and business in developing its courses. It employs top-notch and high profile lecturers that offer excellent teaching its wide range of accredited courses or online PhD UK. All its course offerings are professionally accredited, management-centered, undergraduate, and postgraduate. These courses can be studied either on a part-time or full-time basis. And one of them is the split-site PhD UK degree program.

Online PhD UK via Split-Site PhD

The Split-site PhD programs of the university are offered to students who are interested to study at this institution as well as in any other country as the same time. These programs allow you to study the course at other external institution besides the school. They require you to spend their equivalent at least a third of the study period agreed at the university. Entry requirements for these programs include the following:

  1. Bachelor’s degree along with academic honors given by a recognized university
  2. Master’s degree or a Postgraduate diploma awarded by a recognized, accredited university
  3. Its equivalent professional or academic qualification from United Kingdom or anywhere else

When you pass an application for certain course you opt to take, you have to ensure that you are equipped with the electronic copies of all your supporting documents including English language test results, research proposals, and transcripts.

Online PhD UK – Requirements

Qualified applicants of these split-site programs are required to submit a research proposal on the subject that they want to study. They will be expected to comply with the five elements of these programs: research proposal, literature review, research, testing, and writing up. Their research proposal should be written in 2000 words which may include the working title; the introduction, rational, justification; the aim or hypothesis; the objectives, the literature, the research methodology, the analytical approach, and the references.

These are the online courses that provide international students with great opportunities for international networking. This approach allows them to engage, exchange ideas, and then disseminate the findings of your research.

Online PhD UK Mbb Canal Salford UniversityGenerally, both the teaching and research online PhD UK programs of the university are among the best in UK. In fact, graduates of these courses are highly employable in various sectors of the business and/or academic sectors. Meaning toi say, you will easily and quickly land into your desired job if you are a graduate of this prestigious school. This makes the university exceptional and one that can be proud of should you prefer to invest your money and get your doctoral degree in this school. Just comply all the requirements set by the school and do your best to be considered as a student of the high-ranking university nationally and internationally.