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Hampshire, England-based University of Portsmouth is a University Alliance member that has successfully maintained its excellence both in research and teaching throughout its five campuses.

The University of Portsmouth is among the top-notch modern-day universities highlighted in The Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey in 2010. This approach was recognized with higher rate in the globe, especially in its online PhD UK (professional doctorate programs).

History outlines that professional doctorate programs in this university are already offered since the medieval times. Among the study fields in which they are opened are medicine, theology, and law. It was not until the nineteenth century when PhD degree was introduced as a requirement for subsequent career in academics.

Online PhD UK University of PortsmouthNow it offers an extensive range of professional doctorates for private and public sector employees. These doctorate programs are intended for professionals with interest in professional practice and work-based issues and want to pursue their academic attainment to the highest level and enhance their careers. These programs are internationally recognized as a qualification that is awarded to individuals who have attained the highest academic and professional level in their chosen field of specialization.

Online PhD UK (Professional Doctorates) at University of Portsmouth

The online PhDs aim at strengthening personal development planning primarily for the continuation of professional development and encouraging applicants to build and further their skills in publishing, analytics, critical thinking, and debating. They offer knowledge about different techniques for researching. They also promise professional development, reflective practice, career enhancement, and personal fulfillment.

Predominantly, the PhD professional degrees are work-based and their activities are expected to provide benefits to practitioner’s workplace. The support received by professionals from their employers is an indication of their significance to the organization. The projects taken through these PhDs enable organizations to develop new procedures and processes beneficial to the workplace.

Online PhD UK University of Portsmouth Richmond BuildingPhD degree programs are available in two parts. The first part covers the taught element or specific area of study and then delivered in a maximum of two years. Among the topics covered in this part are professionalism, writing for publication and dissemination, research methods, and reflective practice. In this approach, various evaluation methods are applied collaborative and individual knowledge and skills development. The second part comprises the development project and professional research and can be completed in two to three years. Students here are supported by two or more supervisors and by nominated advisors from their workplace. Their final evaluation includes a presentation, viva voice examination, and thesis.

Online PhD UK – Professional Doctorate Subject List

The available professional Doctorate programs offered by the university are categorized into three:

  1. Criminal Justice Studies which can lead to a Doctorate in Criminal Justice Studies or DCrimJ
  2. Business Studies that leads to a Doctorate in Business Administration or DBA

  3. Health and Social Care that includes the areas of chiropractic, pharmacy, medical imaging, biomedical science, social work, nursing, and health science.

Generally, these online PhD UK (Professional Doctorate Programs) are perfect for full-time employees. They are made to cater the educational needs of these professionals without leaving their job.