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This article will provide an overview about the University of Leicester and details of its PhDs for distance learning in various study fields including management, labour market studies, in  archaeology and ancient history, media and communication, sociology, geography, law, politics and international relations, education, and museum studies.

Online PhD UK University of Leicester TowersThe research-led university is one of the top universities in the United Kingdom that is never absent in the list of high ranking schools in the country for several years now. It is even projected to be an established academic institution by 2015. This reputation is evident in its online PhD UK offerings in subject matters like management, labour market studies, archaeology and history, media and communication, sociology, law, politics and international relations, education, and museum studies. These PhD programmes are offered with flexibility in conducting research to allow students to take the course wherever they may be based. They aim to develop the career of the students without requiring them to leave their existing job or their family. As such, this can also provide them new knowledge to be useful to their work life as a great number of researchers opt to deal with work-related and professional topics in their theses.

Students interested to enroll for the university’s doctoral degree in archeology and history are required to comply its English language requirements and standard academic entry requirements. Qualified applicants should have the following:

  • methodological skills
  • access to necessary specialist facilities
  • professional experience on the research fields they proposed
  • know-how of the material valuable for research

The annual rates for the 2013-2014 academic years reaches 2,078 pounds for EU/UK applicants and 5,083 for international applicants.

Online PhD UK – Education

Online PhD UK University of Leicester Engineering buildingIts distance or Online PhD in education requires eligible candidates to complete the degree in at least three years or six years for those who need it more time to complete it. Students under this course will be provided with supervisory support, research skills training, and university resources. The unprecedented resources are developed to help students establish effective working relationship with their supervisor, to broaden their academic writing skills, and the plan and deal with their thesis writing.

online PhD UK- Social Science

The Doctor of Social Science or DSocSci course aims to students become leading practitioners with expertise in practical and theoretical knowledge for high-quality professional activities. The program admits students with significant Masters degree and those who can provide their research proposal. It includes 8 modules covering methodological training, research skills, and the proposal.

Online PhD UK – Law

PhD programme in law requires students to conduct a substantial research project written and defended through an oral examination. The whole programme includes supervisory support, research skills training, and resources to cater all the needs of students.

Just like all other courses provided by the university, the remaining subject fields have the similar requirements and coverage, except for some. It is noted that the applications for these online PhD UK programmes can be through the Internet together with full research proposal on their specific subject area or areas of interest.