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This article offers information on the professional doctorate programs offered at the University of Leeds.

Online PhD UK Parkinson Building University of LeedsOriginally called the Yorkshire College of Science, University of Leeds is one of the top universities targeted by leading employers in 2012-2013. Its history spans a hundred years already originated from its local roots to its international institution. Its values serve as the core of its strategy guiding its decisions and collaboration. It has very structured academic governance as well as an exempt charity status. This yields to its recognition as number one it providing graduate and post-graduate online PhD UK  (Professional Doctorate Programs) to deserving students.

Online PhD UK via  Professional Doctorate

Online PhD UK University of Leeds Woodhouse LaneThe professional doctorates of the university are equated to a PhD UK, but with emphasis on certain professional context. These programs are made for professionals in the private, public, and the third sectors. They require students to submit an original research with professional degree, notwithstanding the fact that research is informed through professional practice seeking for the development of understanding contributing to a broad professional practice.

Online PhD UK (Professional Doctorate) List

Among the doctoral programs offered by the university include the following:

  1. Doctor of Education or EdD – This part-time course allows professionals to examine educational contemporary themes and issues. It focuses on the outstanding strengths of the school in teaching and research. It uses the most recent educational technologies online. Students taking up this program should complete the whole degree in five years. Researchers in this study field are encouraged to rapidly advance the program. Its minimum entry requirements include a Master’s degree in significant subject area and three years of professional experience in academics.

  2. Doctor of Social Science or DSocSci – This program aims to come up with leading practitioners who are already experts in practical and theoretical knowledge that is relevant to their high-level professional activities. It is only available for distance learning and can be finished from 48 months up to 72 months. Interested students to get the course have the option to start their course in October, in January or in April.

  3. Doctor of Medicine or MD – Qualified applicants of this program are those who are graduates of the university in three years and more or those who are medical graduates of another university that is recognized by the Senate for this course.

  4. Doctor of Psychology or PsyD – This part-time program is specially developed for applied psychologists who are HPS-registered with postgraduate qualifications in their chosen field of study and look forward to upgrade their academic achievement to doctoral level. Its award is based on substantial research project, service evaluation, and critical literature review.

  5. Doctor of Clinical Psychology or DClinPsy – This three-year program aims to improve the community’s psychological view in health and the NHS healthcare service delivery by training autonomous and skilled clinical psychologists. Its enrollment falls every October of each year. It requires applicants to have full-time paid experience in a work to connect with several client groups.

Take into consideration that all these online PhD UK (Professional Doctorate Programs) require applicants to conduct various research training and take discipline-specific modules.