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This article puts emphasis on the PhD by Publication (online PhD UK)being offered at the University of Edinburgh.

Online PhD UK University of Edinburgh Teviot Edinburgh University is a research-focused institution situated at the center of Scotland. The school has already engrained its reputation as a leading institution regarded as a chief intellectual center in the Age of Enlightenment. It is also notable as the school where significant people were cultivated in their respective forte including physicist James Clerk Maxwell, mathematician Thomas Bayes, naturalist Charles Darwin, philosopher David Hume, Minister Gordon Brown, British Supreme Court Deputy President Lord Hope. Its academic programs are available in a wide range of study fields in medicine, computer-based disciplines, electronics, language, and biotechnology. The improvement of its worldwide standing as a center for research is reflexive in its online PhD UK programs. What we will focus here is its PhD by Publication.

Online PhD UK via PhD by Publication

The PhD by Publication course of the university is offered through its College of Humanities and Social Science department. Qualified applicants for the course are those who met the required criteria for admission such as:

  1. Graduates of the university for a minimum of five years standing or those who are current members of its staff of three years at least.

  2. Should not pass any material published over ten years before the allowable date of registration for the degree

  3. Those individuals who have been researchers for at least five years prior to the date of the allowed for registration.

Online PhD UK – Application Process

Interested applicants should apply for a candidature to CPGSC based on an appropriate form. They are required to initially submit an application form, curriculum vitae (CV), an abstract of 500 words, published articles, and a general review of the submitted work to the university’s College of Postgraduate Office. It is the CPGSC that will assess and then consider the merits of your application according to the submitted works and the report of the respective assessor. It will then ask the university to select and appoint an advisor who will serve as your assistance.

Online PhD UK University of Edinburgh Old College

As applicant for the program, you will be asked to pay for your fees and submit your filled out matriculation form. You have to make submission of a Notice of Intention to Submit a form to the CPGSC for 2 months submitting your critical review and a portfolio of your work within 3-12 months of the registration period. Once your Notice of Intention to Submit forms are received by CPGSC, it will appoint examiners (need to be experienced examiners in PhD) to assess the forms. This will be followed by the PhD by Research exam processes. The CPGSC will then be there to consider the reports of the examiners to make decision and communicate the final output following the Examination Sub-Committee’s due consideration. Its member should also be present for oral examination and for any subsequent discussion.

So as soon as you have set everything, the next thing you will do is to wait for the result of your application for PhD by Publication, which is one of the reputed online PhD UK in the UK.