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This article provides an overview of the University of East London or UEL and its Split-Site PhD Programs.

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The University of East London is a leading, modern sporting institute that is situated in East London, England. It is regarded as a dynamic school when it comes to the cutting edge of technological and cultural change. It is the university that develops programs in innovative, relevant and practical research and teaching to meet every need of the school’s students as well as that of the business industry. Its researchers take part in work with international and national significance in various study fields. Other than its onsite courses, the university also offers online PhD UK split-site programs for PhD students living outside East London, England in UK.

Online PhD UK via Split-Site PhD

University of East London offers its PhD or MPhil in a split-site mode for research students who want to undertake most part of their research at research institution or higher education overseas. Applicants for this mode of doctoral study will be considered by UEL’s Research Degrees Sub-Committee or RDSC. RDSC is authorized to specify the students’ eligibility and requirements in applying for this PhD research program.

PhD programs under the split-site approach will be admitted either on a part-time or full-time basis. Students may, however, change their enrollment status based on the provisions provided by UEL. They will also be subjected to its registration periods, normally from 4 to 12 months over their chosen research program. The periods of their attendance of study visits will be identified by RDSC and then indicated to the successful PhD student upon acceptance for certain degree.

Online PhD UK – Program Structure

Interested students for these PhD programs should make a 3-4 weeks visit on their initial enrollment to attend to their induction and training for their particular skills. They have to pass in their first 18 months of study period. Take into account that the length and period of the following attendance periods will be decided by RDSC after the agreement between the Director of Studies and the candidate and will be written in a document. UEL clarifies that any changes to these scheduled visits need to be agreed with the candidate and then recorded in a properly documented and signed agreement. On the other hand, supervisors are also required to pay visit to their students residing overseas for support, training and supervision. This should be indicated to the student of the offer and the frequency of these overseas visits will be recommended by relevant RDSC.

Online PhD UK University of East London Stratford LibrarySuccessful students of online PhD UK are also entitled to receive skills training provision and appropriate academic facilities accessibility. The appropriate schools should make sure that students should receive their research skills training in the right time. Skills training for transferable and generic research will be provided through distance learning. Schools are also required to ensure that students will adequately receive the appropriate academic as well as other facilities while they are away from UEL. Students are also entitled to benefit from the programs offered out of the school’s partnership with the other schools.