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The article that follows focuses on the PhD by Publication (online PhD UK) being offered at the University of East Anglia in London.

Online PhD UK University of East Anglia Hubert Lamb BuildingThe University of East Anglia (UEA) is a research institution with international reputation because of its excellence in research, distinctive sense of community, and enviable location. It only offers a balance between a brilliant experience and academic for its students as part of its effort to make their stay at the university truly special. It ranks in the top one percent of all the higher education institutions throughout the world not just in London or UK. Nearly 90 percent of its research is highly rated in the international academic environment. Its online PhD UK online programs are the best in the country considering that 94 percent of its graduates were in academics within six months or were already employed in big corporations. Since there are a number of PhD programs offered in this university, we will be focusing on its PhD by Publication.

Online PhD UK via PhD by Publication

To be an eligible for the Publication PhD program, you have to be approved by its Academic Director of Postgraduate Research Degree Programs recommended by its Board of Schools of Studies based on the following qualifications:

  1. Acquisition of certain degree from the university or any other approved university or its equivalent qualification that it approved by the Board.

  2. Evidence submission to the Board that satisfies the published work of any nature or type that is consistent with a degree’s award. It requires the work to be a representation of a significant contribution to develop better understanding of program.

  3. A support nomination as well as a statement for your application from certain Board member who will be compelled to make confirmation of research program you are interested in.

  4. Available expertise in school to advise and investigate a candidate

Online PhD UK University of East Anglia halls of residenceBut before being admitted into the course, you have to study as a part time student with the supervision or guidance of the teachers in the Board-appointed school based on regulations. You have to satisfy the qualifications set by examiners required by regulations. You will then be designated either for Category A or for Category B. Normally; it lasts up to six months, which can be extended under the discretion of the Board for up to 12 months starting October 1, January 1, April 1, or July 1.

Online PhD UK – Course Outline

You will be compelled to prepare the following materials during the course of the program:

  1. List of publications for the evaluation of the degree

  2. Evidence of your original contribution to the work in investigation design, research conduct, outcome analysis, and publication preparation

  3. Critical analysis of the submitted work

Oral examination is also included in the list of qualifications that you need to go through and pass. This serves as an illustration of coherent research program undertaken by the candidate and a representation of relevant contribution to understanding. After the examination process, reports as well as recommendations of the examiners should be satisfied for the online PhD UK, specifically the PhD by Publication.