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This article focuses on the Online PhD UK (split-site PhD degree programs) at the University of Durham.

Public research academic institution Durham University or Durham University is notable n history as one of the oldest universities still operating in England until today, claiming to be the third oldest school in England. It is one of the leading universities in United Kingdom regularly included in the list of the top 10 for being a world-class institution engaged in partnership with business and advanced research; services for events, visitor accommodation and conferences; community and regional initiatives and partnerships; and high-quality learning and teaching. It is considered as a collegiate with colleges equipped with social, welfare, and residential facilities for its students as well as a sense of community for students and staff alike. Other than its onsite PhD programs, the university is also offering online PhD UK programs including its split-site PhD.

Online PhD UK University of DurhamThe research programs and academic teaching of the university are provided through the three faculties of its departments in Science, Social Sciences and Health, and Arts and Humanities. These departments and faculties offer online degree programs in a myriad range of subject fields giving you a number of options to choose from when you decide to enroll at the university.

Online PhD UK via Split-Site PhD

The university is also remarkable for its distinctive Split-site style study method. This mode of study allows EU and overseas candidates for PhD award to divide their research period between Durham and any other approved site where they can continue their studies. Students who are interested to be admitted in this program are required to abide to the Code of Practice requirements set for the entire duration of their studies without any consideration of their location. The program’s application process calls the applicants and their respective departments to agree with the following terms and consideration:

  1. The period when students will be based in the city
  2. The period when students will be based anywhere else
  3. The place where students will be based in the city
  4. Periods for supervisory arrangements when students will be based to work elsewhere

Online PhD UK – Admissions

Online PhD UK University of Durham VM LakeStudents seeking for studies under this mode of PhD learning will be required to let departmental admissions staff know about their ability to gain access to the school’s computing resources, research facilities and library for the whole duration of the course. They have to demonstrate how well they can manage to finish the program successfully. They will also be required to study in Durham for the main facets of the whole cycle that includes the induction, the review of their research work for nine months, and the viva. They will also be subjected to the monitoring and standard progress processes for the time they spent away from the city.

As an institution dedicated for the academic standing of its students, the university also offers PhD studentships or scholarship grants to the financially incapacitated students who are more than willing to finish their online PhD UK degree program. This only indicates that getting a PhD degree program in this university is not impossible.