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This article focuses on the professional doctorate degrees available at the University of Chester.

Public-oriented Chester University is based on one campus in Warrington and three campuses in Chester. This British university offers various courses categorized in undergraduate, postgraduate, and foundation levels and academic research programs as well. These include its online PhD UK (Professional Doctorate) offerings domestically and internationally. Among the 11 evaluated institutions, Chester University ranks 7th best in North West England.

Online PhD UK  at University of Chester

Online PhD UK Graduation CeremonyThe professional degree programmes at the university are being offered to individuals who wish to further their academic achievement and improve their career standing. These PhDs confer professional and intellectual distinction recognizing the achievements of the senior practitioners in a very extensive range of study fields. They serve as an alternative to the traditional setting of PhD study that are based on taught degree programs with excellent research-based element. They are appropriate to professionals who seek for CPD.

Online PhD UK – Professional Doctorate and Subjects

Among the online professional programs open for enrollment at the university are as follows:

  1. Doctor of Business Administration – This course aims to generate original knowledge within organizations by giving academic award to students who have greatly contributed to their organization’s knowledge base. It cultivates students to be able to incorporate their existing academic achievements into their academic credit, develops their expertise in their chosen field of specification, and forges their professional relationships.

  2. Doctor of Education – This is a practice-oriented program designed for the exploration, analysis and the development of students’ professional practice. It puts emphasis on practitioner research, equipping students with knowledge and skills that involved them to sustained research.

  3. Doctor of Professional Studies or DProf – This course gives students an opportunity to integrate their learning with their employment needs. It is divided into their Master’s degree and on to their doctoral degree. It benefits the employer in developing valued workers and by means of practical project-based employment. It is noted that its learning provision is underwritten and accredited by comprehensive processes for quality assurance.

  4. Doctor of Professional Studies in Practical Theology – This program is intended for professional individuals with interest in relating ethical, spiritual, and theological methods and insights to their voluntary or professional practice. It encourages students to use their voluntary, ministerial, or professional practice as the basis of structured research in practical theology.

  5. Doctor of Professional Studies in Health and Social Care – This is a part time course that can be completed from 5-7 years. It aims at aspiring social and health professionals who wish to become sophisticated leaders and then change agents in their practice field. It provides students with three modules that are shared with their colleagues from the field of study with concentration on integrated working and inter-professional learning.

Online PhD UK Graduation HatThe university suggests every student applicant for its online PhD UK (Professional Doctorate Programs) to contact the leader or the center director of the course they opted to take through phone call, by email, or in writing before their formally apply online.