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Online PhD UK | University of Birmingham | Split-Site PhD

 This article delves into the split-site PhD degree program(Online PhD UK) in Computer Science offered at the University of Birmingham.

Notable as a red brick university in United Kingdom, Birmingham University is acclaimed to be the first university to receive a charter and a university status. It ranks 10th among the most popular British universities when it comes to graduate employers in 2010. It has been recognized for its engagement in a number of significant scientific development and inventions. It is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities to make sure that every demand of every student is addressed. This is the main reason why more and more students opt to continue their academic endeavor and enroll for an online PhD UK at this university. What the institution promises then is to be a community where its partners, staff, research, alumni and students can build themselves to bring out their best and contribute to the international hub.

The university is composed of five different colleges, each of which offers an extensive range of study fields. These colleges and the subject areas they cater are as follows:

  1. Engineering and Physical Sciences – civil engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry, and chemical engineering
  2. Social Sciences – Government and Society, Business School, Social Policy, and Education
  3. Arts and Law – History and Cultures, Art History and Music, and Birmingham Law School
  4. Medical and Dental Sciences – Dentistry, Immunity and Infection, Cancer Sciences, and Health and Population Sciences
  5. Life and Environmental Sciences – Psychology, Biosciences, and Sport and Exercise Sciences

Online PhD UK University of Birmingham South Gate Meanwhile, let us focus on the PhD program for Computer Science of the university. This program is offered in several research fields associated to computer science. The coursework is specifically developed for qualified, highly motivated graduates who want to further their academic standing through a doctorate program. It is available in a split-site or split-location mode of study. This educational approach only indicates that most of the research work of students is not conducted in Birmingham. It is very attractive and effective that many international students are enrolling for PhDs under this set-up.

Unlike other online PhD programs, careful preparation is a must for the application process of split-site PhD in Computer Science programs. Among the requirements for these programs are:

  1. An identified supervisor who has the interest to supervise you research work
  2. Preparation for several months you will be spending at the university, which may include attending classes to learn the modules of your preferred course and agreeing to agree with the exact research topic for your proposal
  3. A local mentor to works with you for your research while you’re away from Birmingham.

Online PhD UK University of Birmingham ValevillageThese PhD programs in Computer Science are also made accessible to students who are financially incapacitated. They are given a chance to get the course through the universities PhD scholarship awards for online PhD UK degrees. One requirement for this grant is to make certain that your research proposal is relevant and interesting. Another thing is for you to contact a potential supervisor to work with you. You should also pass the admission requirements so you will automatically be eligible for the scholarship.