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This article provides information on the online PhD UK programs being offered at the University of Aston including Translation Studies, Research Applied Linguistics and Languages (Spanish, German and French), and Business.

Aston University is described as a campus university that is located in Birmingham, England. The UK-based university continues its commitment to concentrate on commerce and industry in order to keep their strong background in the areas of engineering, sciences, business, technology, and applied subjects. It is also placing the emphasis of its learning provision in postgraduate employment record and industry placements. Excellence is tantamount to its education that it receives the highest average score for satisfaction among all the mainstream universities. This is clearly manifested in its online PhD offerings including Translation Studies, Research Applied Linguistics and Languages (Spanish, German and French), and Business.


Online PhD UK – Aston Executive Doctorate

Online PhD UK Aston UniversityThe Aston Executive Doctorate or DBA aims to establish new ideas for success in business by sharing knowledge, insights, and challenges. DBA program provides leaders with an opportunity to become a leader working at the interface of business and advanced research to come up with powerful and distinct breakthroughs in developing effective organisations. It covers a tailored online learning with world-class supervision and exceptional customer care for knowledge creation.


Online PhD UK – Applied Linguistics

Distance learning for Research Applied Linguistics programme aims to intensify knowledge on the primary issues related to applied linguistics’ interdisciplinary field. It boosts knowledge on research methods, techniques, and traditions that are valuable for professional and academic development. It allows students to design and then implement certain research project with contribution to applied linguistics’ learning, understanding and applications. It encourages and promotes personal development, self-awareness and learning. It helps develop the capacity of students for independent, reflective and critical thinking as well as action related to their studies.

Online PhD UK – Languages and Translation Studies

Online PhD UK Aston University LakesideDistance PhDs in Languages and Translation Studies aims to provide students with learning on research methods, techniques, and traditions for professional and academic development. Students taking the course are expected to design and implement certain research project with contribution in languages like Spanish, German, French or translation studies.

Any interested student for any of the mentioned online PhD programs is required to submit an outline of their proposed study field to research to make certain that he/she will cover all the areas listed herein:
  • Research topic
  • Research setting, which include physical and/or socio-cultural context
  • Questions associated to the proposed research
  • Reasons that make research significant by explaining the reason for conducting the research, its association to the existing research and its originality
  • Specific literature areas to be consulted
  • Data collection methods to used
  • Necessary arrangements for data collection
  • Ethical issues that should be addressed
  • List of references that have consulted in making the proposal



Among the other requirements for these online PhD UK distance learning programmes are the same as the onsite campus courses of the university. It is also clarified that application for these programmes is available online at its official website.