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The following article provides information about Swansea University’s PhD by Publication.

Online PhD UK Penmaen Horton Swansea UniversityWorld-class educational institution Swansea University is a university centered on research that makes a difference since the year 1920. It thrives on the exploration as well as the discovery and it offers a balance between excellent education in research and teaching. Its multicultural campus community in Gower Peninsula promises a global perspective as well as opportunities to attain lasting skills. It receives its own awarding powers to provide offline and online PhD UK. All its study programs are offered with excellence through their state-of-the-art facilities and amenities. But for the purpose of this post, the PhD by Published Work or PhD by Publication will be given emphasis.

Online PhD UK via PhD by Published Work

The PhD by Published Work admission is restricted to the existing members of the Swansea University staff. Eligible candidate of the course are expected to have an appointment in the university for a minimum of 3 years if taken full time or 6 years if taken on a part-time basis just before the published work is submitted. They have to meet the general conditions for entry set for a doctoral level of a research doctorate degree. They should submit an informative and very detailed list of publications they want to include in the final submission along with their statement that indicates their contribution to any collaborative work or multi-authored papers to specific nominee or Head of College. They are also required to submit a brief critical publication summary contextualizing the works, determining contribution to knowledge advancement, and demonstrating the works’ coherence.

Online PhD UK – Course Outline

Successful applicants for the PhD by publication program should complete it for at least six months starting from the enrollment date for the preparation of the submission as well as the critical review through the guidance of a selected adviser. They have to submit for the course not later than 12 months following the enrollment date.

Online PhD UK Swansea County HallA published work will only be considered eligible as a published work when it has been published in a way that it is available for consultation by the scholars or any other interested individuals. Students should make sure that the work is traceable in ordinary catalogs and make sure that it underwent peer review and one that was published at least 7 years before the submission date. Such published work may include, but not limited to:

  1. journal article

  2. single boor,

  3. scho9larly text book

  4. monograph

  5. and technical support

For electronic published work from the entire process, the evidence on the continuous evidence of its submission is imperative. The work is also expected to be different from any other work previously submitted.

Take into account that the online PhD by Publication should be evaluated through oral examination through viva voce. Here, the examiners are expected to evaluate the significance and scope of the body of your published work. It is expected to make consideration with regards to its strengths and weaknesses. All of these are just part of the whole process of applying for this online PhD UK.