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Online PhD UK | Significance of Accreditation | UK Universities

Knowing that you are pursuing your Online PhD UK Program in an accredited educational institution is worthwhile so read through and find out why.

Online PhD UK University of ExeterIn the academic world of innovation in education, e-learning and distance programs are becoming more and more crucial. Through advances in technology, online learning is now available and accessible in almost all parts of the globe. One of these fast-growing and adaptable countries is UK where higher education is being offered with excellence. Online PhD UK programs here are kept with high standards through an accreditation system that only monitors the academic quality and standards of online universities or colleges.

Online PhD UK and Accreditation

PhD degree programs with professional component should gain approval from an authorized body. It is significant that you select a PhD course from an accredited college or university by a professional organization or body for the following reasons:

  1. It is essential that your qualification was recognized and accredited by certain professional body should you wish to continue your chosen field of study. Note that there are some careers that require your course to have been taken in an accredited school before you will be considered of a job. So you have to check out first whether the job you are applying to requires accreditation and then make certain your preferred course has been accredited by the right body.

  2. With your accredited PhD program, you will be confident that you have an edge among the others considering that you are a graduate of an accredited course. This serves as a proof that you have met the quality standards required for the program. Otherwise, your course will not be accredited if the set standards were not satisfied. This follows that the quality of your course is good.

Online PhD UK – Benefits of Accreditation

What are the benefits then when your chosen online PhD program is accredited?

  1. Indicator for good quality. You can be sure that you are pursuing a course with utmost quality if it accredited by professional authority or body. But this does not necessarily mean that the unaccredited course is bad, such course could still be considered as a reputable one.

  2. Advancement for career. You have to check for the relevance of an accredited qualification before coming up into any firm decision as this may not always be the case in all areas.

  3. Potential for financial aid. Governing or professional bodies may offer their assistance should you have decided to take up specific course. It is the Royal Charter, a Privy Council, or an Act of Parliament that grants the accreditation status of the program. Another accreditation body is the Open and Distance Learning Quality Council or ODLQC.

Online PhD UK UEL Docklands campusYou should also consider the provision of the Education Reform Act 1988, Section 214 noting that a British school offering an online PhD UK illegal if the accrediting body or its affiliated body is unrecognized by authorities. Institutions suspected to have been offering bogus PhD programs should be reported to the country’s Local Trading Standards Department.