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Online PhD UK | Online PhD in Computer Security

If you are a computer enthusiast or one with interest in computer security by taking a degree in higher education, this article will be right for you.

Online PhD UK Graduation HatWhen the discipline of computer security and information was developed, major countries across the globe make use of their resources to excel in this study field. One of these countries is UK, which make it one of the best when it comes to research in any fields of study including computer security. This is the start of online PhD UK programs and online PhD in computer security or information security is one of them.

Online PhD UK – Program Details

Online program in computer security prepares you to technology development and advance research. It serves as a response to the threat posed by the fast-growing information networks and Internet communications. Among the possible topics for research here include botnets, computer forensics, and information phishing. Most of the time, this doctorate program can be considered as a study with concentration in online or on-campus doctoral program in information science and computer science. This curriculum may cover security courses in computer, dissertation, and research. It promises you with in-depth understanding of the field and advanced knowledge through the following core courses:

  1. Database systems

  2. Research methodology

  3. Network security

  4. Information security management

  5. Human-computer interaction

  6. Privacy issues

  7. Risk management

  8. Telecommunication

  9. Security experimentation and testing

  10. Security breach detection

  11. Applications development assurance

  12. Security programming language

For the program to work properly, you need to have access to web for the materials of the course. You will correspond with the dissertation advisers and instructors via e-mail. The course allows you to have connection with the faculty and your peers using interactive learning tools like chat rooms, multimedia presentations, shite boards, and threaded discussion boards. It also asks you to conduct research and submit dissertation to complete the whole program.

Online PhD UK – Basic Requirements

Online PhD UK Graduation CapThe PhD program requires you to pass the qualifying exams set by the university where you intend to pursue it. The topics usually include topics like software construction, database systems, information or internet security, algorithms, operating systems, networks, and compliers and languages. The course may require you to submit letters of recommendation, a master’s degree in an equivalent field, minimum scores on Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). It requires you to gain know-how about the languages in programming appropriate to the course like C++, C, or Java alongside the demonstration of strong command of knowledge in mathematics such as linear and matrix algebra and differential equations. You may also be asked by respective institution of your choice to submit a personal essay, resume, and college transcripts.

The online PhD UK, specifically the online PhD in computer security, would be a successful higher education program if you have the interest in the course, proper knowledge about it, its benefits, and its significance in the society. This only suggests that proper preparation is a must when you wish to pursue a degree program in this field of learning.