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The following article provides information on the professional doctorate (online PhD UK) being offered at Cardiff University.

Online PhD UK Biosciences Building Cardiff UniversityWales-based Cardiff University or Cardiff Metropolitan University is a research institution receives consistent recognition as a provider of high level learning. It launches three Research Institutes in June 2010: Sustainable Places Research Institute, Neurosciences and Mental Health Research Institute, and Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute. It is noted that each of these institutes provides an approach to any major issue and continuously offer excellent research. The university is named one of the top-ranked social science centers and one of the top 20 universities in the UK. Recently, Sunday Times University Guide of 2013 has shortlisted the school as University of the Year. This is attributable to its superb undergraduate and postgraduate PhDs such as its online PhD UK (professional doctorate programs).

Online PhD UK via Professional Doctorate

Professional doctorate is one of the postgraduate degree programs at the university which aims at an extensive range of professionalism in the health, social work, and education. It allows students to investigate the primary research evidence and edge theories for them to have better understanding of the social impact of practices and policies. It also opens them to inter-professional learning that enables them to reflect on what is being shared in these study fields. It provides students with specialist modules on the following doctoral degrees:

  1. Education Doctorate – This course is designed for administrators and practitioners. It offers understanding on the social impact of educational practices and policies in various educational settings. It has only one entry point in the later part of September and application for this programme is accepted until July 1 the following year.

  2. Doctorate in Health Studies or DHS – This course is intended for trainers, practitioners, and managers. It allows students to easily understand the social aspect of health care and medicine. It has one entry point later in September and its application deadline on July 1 the following year.

  3. Doctoral of Social Work – This course offers trainers, managers, and practitioners an opportunity to examine research evidence and edge theories to understand social work intervention’s social context and its impact of the lives of the people. It has also one entry point in later September with application accepted until July 1 the following year.

Online PhD UK Aberdare Hall Cardiff universityDoctorate students of any of these programs are required to have 8 study modules, which will qualify them to pursue their thesis reflecting interest significant to their chosen course of professional practice. Take note that these may be based on desk or on the preference of the students themselves.

Online PhD UK – Admission Requirements

The fundamental admission requirements for the interested doctorate students include a Master’s degree and a good first program, minimum of two years of professional experience in the area associated to their selected course, and workplace evaluation and practice in some assessment procedures. Candidates of the doctorate programs are also expected to have professional access in specific professional area.

All online PhD UK (professional doctorate) applicants who are interested for the October 2013 enrollment are informed that their application will only be accepted until the first of July 2013.