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Online PhD Programs at University of Birmingham

Online PhD Programs

Online PhD Programs

In today’s world it is not always feasible to stop everything that you are doing to pursue an online PhD degree from an accredited university. Everyone wants an opportunity to advance their careers but few actually have the time or the means to do so. Applicants can now apply to complete their doctoral degrees online. These online PhD programs are available from a growing number of universities and they are allowing people from around the world to complete a quality education without having to sacrifice time away from work or family.

The University of Birmingham became the successor to the Mason Science College in 1900. The university is considered to be a British “Redbrick” university and was the very first university in Britain to obtain an official Royal Charter in the early 1900’s. The University of Birmingham sees an annual enrollment of over 24,000 students allowing it to be one of the largest universities in the West Midland’s region.

Online PhD Programs as Split Site PhD

A split site online PhD program is where an applicant completes an online PhD program through two accredited universities. This does not mean that the applicant is merely supervised by a supervisor at each university it means that the applicant is fully enrolled in both educational institutes at the same time working on their doctoral degree. It means the applicant must be in full compliance with both universities at all times during the duration of their degree programs. The result of split site online PhD programs is either one diploma awarded jointly by the universities or two separate doctoral degrees. Double PhD degrees are normally reserved when government legislation doesn’t allow for joint degrees.

The concept is French in origin that provides the applicant with an integral education experience and allows applicants access to two supervisors who are experts in their fields as well as access to two separate research facility environments.

The University of Birmingham Online PhD UK Program: Split Site PhD UK Program

The University of Birmingham has an impressive resume for success. The university holds respectable rankings with many different assessments and university ranking systems. The University of Birmingham is also produces some of the best sports teams from around the country. The university is also pleased to be able to offer applicants not from the immediate area the opportunity to participate in their split site online PhD UK program. The Online PhD UK is an opportunity for postgraduate applicants to continue their doctoral studies through the internet. Their Online PhD UK program is open as a split site program for overseas applicants with excellent academic history.

The University of Birmingham Online PhD UK Program: Structure and Format

Online PhD Programs

Online PhD Programs

This online PhD program is designed to be completed in 3-6 years depending on the program of choice. The applicant will be required to stay at the University of Birmingham for a duration of six months that can be divided up if necessary.

Applicants who are interested should visit the school’s website for additional information about the Online PhD Programs as well as the requirements to get started.