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Read about distance PhD degree Programs at Bharathiar University

Online PhD Programs at Bharathiar University

Online PhD Programs at Bharathiar University

Online PhD Programs at Bharathiar University

In today’s world it is not always feasible to stop everything that you are doing to pursue an online PhD degree from an accredited university. Everyone wants an opportunity to advance their careers but few actually have the time or the means to do so. Applicants can now apply to complete their doctoral degrees online. These online PhD programs are available from a growing number of universities and they are allowing people from around the world to complete a quality education without having to sacrifice time away from work or family.

There are a growing number of universities in India that have made the step towards allowing applicants to complete their online PhD programs. The Bharathiar University located in Tamil Nadu, South India is one of these progressive universities.

The Bharathiar University is situated near Coimbatore and was established originally in 1982. The university derives its name from famous poet Subramania Bharathiar. The Bharathiar University gained university status by the University Grants Commission in 1985.

Online PhD Programs – Course Outline

Every exceptional online PhD program starts out with a well-constructed course outline. The Bharathiar University offers an extensive course outline for their online doctoral candidates to ensure that they are able to meet the same rigorous requirements a more traditional doctoral student would be undertaking. Online PhD applicants are immersed in a part time external doctorate program that are aimed towards people who wish to advance their careers but can’t afford the time away from work to do so. It is also geared towards applicants that have additional responsibilities such as raising a family. The applicants must complete a certain level of requirements before they are qualified to begin an online PhD program.

Online PhD Programs: Pre-admission Qualifications

The first qualification that an applicant needs to obtain for their online doctoral program is a Master’s degree in one of the following areas:


  • Science
  • Management
  • Commerce
  • Arts
  • Humanities


The university does not impose an age limit for their applicants. Nor does the university discriminate based on gender, sex, nationality, race, or ethnicity.

The applicant must complete an enrollment application with the Bharathiar University to be considered for enrollment of their online PhD program. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all of the appropriate documentations are received by the university so that they may make an informed decision regarding admissions. The Bharathiar University accepts applications throughout the academic school year.

The applicant should have a well-constructed research proposal and research thesis prepared. They should be ready at all times to defend their proposal or be knowledgeable about their proposal that they are easily able to walk someone through it. The applicant should also provide at least two letters of recommendation from academic sources.

Online PhD Programs

Online PhD Programs

If the applicant is accepted into Bharathiar University’s Online PhD Programs, they must maintain adequate academic performance and must be able to stay in constant communication with their supervisor. This includes managing time zone differences for international applicants.