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Online Doctorate Programs

Online education these days became very popular among professionals who wish to further their skills and expertise in education while working. This form of education offers Online Doctorate Programs, which are considered as the final degrees in academic degrees provided by post secondary educational institutions.

Online Doctorate Programs – Background

Online Doctorate Programs Graduation

Online Doctorate Programs Graduation

These doctorate programs can be completed from three to ten years and usually require you to write and defend an original thesis.If you are interested to enroll in any of these online programs, you need to carefully evaluate the credentials of any university before committing yourself to a difficult and lengthy online degree of doctoral study. Here, you need to be cautious as there are many universities offering easy and fast PhDs. To help you asses in finding the right degree program for you, try to check the following popular online PhD programs.

Online Doctorate Programs – PhD Psychology and Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)

PhD Psychology is sometimes referred to as a teaching and research program. PsyD is regarded as counseling program without difficult and fast rules. Both doctorate programs can be taken through the Internet and have sub-specialties in the areas of counseling psychology, clinical psychology, organizational psychology, or educational psychology.

Online Doctorate Programs in Education and Doctorate in Education or EdD

As a graduate, PhD in Education will prepare you for administrative careers or academic teaching. This program offers you advanced professionalism in the field to improve your expertise in educational and counseling roles and improve your ability to analyze current economic, social, ethical and political issues. Meanwhile, EdD will prepare you for career in primary and secondary school administration or teaching in the academic departments.

PhD in Public Health and Doctor of Public Health (DPH)

Online Doctorate Programs Graduation

Online Doctorate Programs Graduation

Online PhD Degrees in public health offer expertise in the fields of research or administrative careers in community health or associated social health fields. Usually, DPH puts emphasis on studies in public health policy. This will prepare you to conduct research, teach, or work in a public health office and land in a leadership or supervisory role. You will be able to obtain this program if you have attained any course from public health internship, leadership, public health management, and public health laws and ethics.

PhD in Business or Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Either of these degrees will help you prepare for research and teaching careers in the field of business. Remember that there are several doctoral degrees in this discipline of study including accounting, decision sciences, management, finance, and marketing. If you want to contribute to policy and practice, choose DBA which is an integrated research program and work designed for management practitioners and professionals. It will provide you skills in the fields of change, leadership, and process management other than research methodologies.

Other than these Online Doctorate Programs, there are many online doctoral degrees offered by accredited online doctorate colleges or universities. Much information on these programs can be found in the Internet through websites like

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