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How to Pursue a Doctorate Degree

Understand what Doctorate Degree is all about and learn tips on where and what PhD degree to pursue in the United States of America.

The highest academic achievement is earning a doctorate degree. This degree, more formally coined as Doctor of Philosophy, can be categorized into four types. A PhD holder can be classified under one of these four categories – Research Doctorate, Professional Doctorate, Higher Doctorate, and Honorary Doctorate. Research Doctorate is achieved when an original research paper, thesis or dissertation, is published together with the completion of a 3 or 4 year doctorate coursework. A Professional Doctorate is given to doctorate holders whose research works and experiences are directly connected to a specific occupation such as medicine, law, and education. Higher Doctorate is given to doctorate holders who have surpassed the Research Doctorate level by publishing more than 1 research work that has been approved by a credible body. Lastly, Honorary Doctorate is awarded to person, who may not have gone through the required rigor of the coursework, yet has given enough prestige and knowledge to a specific field or profession. An Honorary Doctorate is a stature that is awarded to a famous person upon the decision of an academic body. A very good example is Benjamin Franklin who received an honorary doctorate from the University of Oxford.

Doctorate Degree and Choosing Your University

Doctorate Degree University of Arizona

Doctorate Degree University of Arizona

A lot of universities in the United States of America offer post-graduate studies and most of the highly prestigious universities are famous for specific specializations. University of Arizona – Graduate College offer a PhD degree program in Higher Education. This leadership and management focused degree requires applicants to pass and meet certain stringent qualification – passing a standardized exam, meeting the minimum Master’s degree GPA of 3.5, submission of a personal essay stating reasons of pursuing the degree. The university, although particular in applicant’s credentials, is very generous in giving scholarships and stipends to deserving aspirants.

A more specialized post graduate degree on education is the Doctor of Philosophy in Community College Leadership (CLC). This program is offered in University of Colorado. This degree focuses on the development of research skills, enhancement of leadership and management strategies, refinement of knowledge in academic law and finance, and reinforcement of intellectual, interpersonal, and emotional well-being of the candidate. Interested applicants to this course may choose between pursuing the degree fulltime within the campus and pursuing the degree under the distance learning curriculum.

Doctorate Degree at University of Houston

Doctorate Degree University of Houston

Doctorate Degree University of Houston

In Texas, the University of Houston offers a unique post graduate degree in Optometry. It is a four-year and two-summer coursework that mainly focuses on the research and application of the optometric profession. The course is divided into 4 curricula, each curriculum per year of study. Interested applicants must qualify the given requirements of the university. Applicants with highly acceptable credentials may apply for scholarships.

Doctorate Degree Program in Business

The most popular PhD degree is a degree in business. A lot of prestigious universities in USA offers such or related courses. One of the most prominent universities is Harvard University – School of Business. This university presents different specializations related to commerce – Accounting and Management, Economics, Management, Organization Behavior, and the like. Interested applicants may apply online at A reminder, though, Harvard University only accepts a maximum of three applications from the same person throughout his or her lifetime.

There are a lot of doctorate degree programs and Online PhD Programs that may interest applicants coming from various backgrounds. Before you invest in your traditional or Online Doctorate Degree make sure that the university is accredited by a credible institution or the government.

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