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How to Earn a PhD by Publication?

With the development in the field of education along with technological advancements, many universities are now introducing a new PhD by Publication. This PhD program is offered offline or as online PhD depending on how you would prefer to earn the course. Before you would be enrolled in this course, there are many things that you need to consider.

PhD by Publication – Guidelines

PhD by Publication Graduation Ceremony

PhD by Publication Graduation Ceremony

Try to look at the following points as a guideline before enrolling to this course. Guidelines for applying publication PhD should be read carefully in line with higher degree in research policy and procedure. These principles will help answer your questions pertinent to your pre-application stage and the application stage of the course. These will include entry procedure, entry requirements, and relevant policies and regulations.


  • This category of Online Accredited PhD requires you to have extensive publication and made significant contribution in research and academia in refereed books, academic journals, magazines, and other media. The theme of your published material should cover one primary topic.

  • You have to be an established researcher before you can enroll for this course. You will not be an eligible candidate for this program if you are just enrolled at a PhD.

  • Keep in mind that this PhD will require you to make a summary of all the main theme or themes and publications of your work. Your summary is expected to be relevant, concise, and reveal your expertise on the subject you have chosen.

  • You will be required to submit a thesis composed of published works and an integrating research paper. See to it that the publication is the original contribution to knowledge. There would also be cases when you will be asked to take further research and present the publication in a way that it will now be considered an integrated entity.

PhD by Publication – Further Entry Requirements

  • Other than your publication paper as your primary entry requirement, you need to have full-completed and updated curriculum vitae (CV) and supporting documents such as a joint authorship statement, a statement presenting the case for admission to the course, and an affirmation on your preceding published work submission.

  • Like any other research degrees or PhD degrees, this PhD requires you to pass its entrance examination. Typically, the results of your examination will be assessed by at least three examiners, two of whom are external examiners.

  • To be admitted to this course, you need to be a graduate of at least five years with a Masters course or its equivalent course as well as research training or any equivalent experience.

PhD by Publiction Graduation

PhD by Publication – Finding the Right Institution

  • Finding the right college or university where you can enroll for the course should also be considered before deciding to take publication PhD. You have to ensure that the school is authorized and accredited by certain accrediting bodies or agencies specializing this field of study.

Interested to take PhD by Publication now? Why not start finding the best school or college and earn your publication PhD course to have a better life.

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