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Please note that Online PhD UK is a free source of information to understand available funding in UK Universities for your PhD. Please check these tips as under:

Online PhD UK and Higher Fees for International PhD Candidates

Online PhD UK London School of Economics LibraryIt is fact that UK has a powerful global currency. Therefore when you pay a university fee, it is expensive and costly compared with costs in other countries. International fees, for students coming to the UK from abroad, are three times higher compared than national fees. And of course, higher ranking universities, such as Cambridge or Oxford, have much higher fees than the ordinary universities.

Online PhD UK and Availing Grants and Fee Waiver

Even though fees are higher, all universities offer various grants and other fee help for research degrees. In this regard there are different categories of funding. Your fee can be waived (getting a fee waiver). You may also be helped with a bursary award, which is awarded either for financial reasons or as a scholarship. In some cases, you may have your fee waived and receive the bursary.

Online PhD UK and Funding through Research Councils (UK and EU Candidates)

These student funding options are available through various research councils and UK charities. They publish these research studentships throughout the year, working through the projects they fund in various universities. In some cases, funding for your PhD will require that you become a research assistant, working for the councils or charities, while finishing your degree at the same time. It is important to note that these kinds of fully-funded projects are primarily available to UK and EU nationals.

Open Merit Funding for International Candidates

Online PhD UK University of ExeterIf you are an international PhD candidate (not a UK and EU national), there is still open merit funding available at various universities, but there will be tough competition for these openings, so you will need excellent grades and references. It is possible to get these seats if you are already a published researcher. International students should consider getting a Masters degree from a UK university first and then applying for funding from their universities or for open merit vacancies to get a PhD, since it is much easier to apply within the UK than from overseas. Advertisements for these vacancies can be found on university websites (under job category), in UK newspapers (check web editions of Guardian and Times) and at websites like

Teaching Assistant Jobs in UK Universities and Your PhD

In some cases, apart from the fee waiver, universities also offer part-time teaching assistant jobs to help the student financially. However, in some subjects – science for example – it is impossible to get any teaching hours at all, so there is no guarantee that you will be teaching any fixed hours within your PhD subject.

If you are looking for financial help, it is important to act as quickly as possible. You should also make sure that you contact the relevant university research department directly and, if possible, make contact with the related supervisor.

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