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PhD in Finance

An overview of the PhD in Finance program from two of the most prominent institutions in Europe.

A PhD curriculum, unlike that of an MBA or MA or MS courses, prepares a student in research – the comprehension and later the composition of related theories. It leads students to the […]

PhD in Education

The Doctor of Philosophy or PhD in Education grooms and allows a person to pursue a profession in an academic institution as an administrator, researcher, or educator.

This post graduate program is under the umbrella of the research doctorate category; thus, putting investigation and exploration of old and new knowledge […]

Frequently Asked Questions about PhD Programs

PhD Programs – Find answers to common questions about doctorate Degrees. PhD Programs – Significance

Professionals or employees who have finished a Master’s degree yet still want to have an upper hand in the employment or commercial world contemplate in pursuing training or post-graduate course. However, the question that always breaks the surface […]