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Admission in PhD with Overseas Qualifications – Online PhD UK

Please note that Online PhD UK is a free source of information to understand required overseas qualifications for PhD admission in any UK University. Please check the given information as under:

Online PhD UK and UK Universities:

Online PhD UK University of CambridgeStudying in the U.K. has a lot of credibility. There are several universities in the U.K. which offer courses for international students. Overseas students planning to do a traditional PhD should check thoroughly with the universities they are applying for. They need to check if the qualification they earned in their home country is acceptable or not to avoid rejection of their application. This is especially so for first timers as some of the high ranking universities have very high standards of admission criteria, fuelled by the competition of a vast number of admissions.

Admission Requirements – Online PhD UK

It is important to note that to do a traditional Ph.D. from a reputed UK university the minimum requirement can be a 2(i) degree or a 2(ii) with an appropriate Masters Degree (in some cases). As a rough understanding for foreign students the British 2(i), or the Upper Second Class Honours Degree or a Two-One degree, is the 2nd highest mark in British Honours Degree obtainable (U.S. Grade Point Average 3.3). The students from Asian origins (like India, Pakistan, Sri lanka or China) mostly need 2(i) marks for their degrees along with a masters degree from a recognized university.

Online PhD UK University of OxfordIt would also be wise to contact the research departments of the selected University for the subject you are interested in. Depending on the subject chosen and the number of applications received, the department may be interested in taking in students with higher or lower qualifications. If you are funding your own degree, there could be a lot of flexibility, but for scholarship students the qualifications and admission criteria could be more rigid.

As mentioned earlier, for Asian students planning to do traditional PhD, most U.K. Universities accept Asian standard qualifications, depending on the recognition of the local University you graduated from. The minimum qualification however would be a Masters Degree and not just a Bachelor degree. Please also note that most U.K. Universities have dedicated pages on their websites to explain the qualification standards of different countries and their equivalent in terms of U.K. standard. Browse through these carefully before applying.

External Institutions and Online PhD UK:

If you feel that your selected university is unable to provide the right details about your required qualifications, you may want to check these external institutions for further advice:
• UK NARIC: (The National Agency responsible for providing specialist opinion on vocational, academic and professional skills and qualifications).
• Enic-Naric: (Provides information about recognition of foreign diplomas, degrees and other qualifications.)
• UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service: They are mainly responsible for managing applications to higher education courses in the UK.)
• British Council (Check your local British Council for direct guidance and assistance.)

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